Man Charged With Stomping on Pregnant Girlfriend's Stomach to Kill Their Unborn Baby

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pregnant bellySometimes, the human race disappoints and appalls you in ways you never thought possible. A 28-year-old man named Kenneth Turner got his ex-girlfriend pregnant. But he didn't want the child. So, instead of trying to figure out what he was going to do/how he was going to deal, he allegedly broke into her apartment and stomped on her stomach -- with both feet -- in order to kill the unborn baby.

According to the complaint that was filed, Turner entered his ex's apartment last week and beat and assaulted her for three hours. He reportedly kicked, punched, hit, and choked her numerous times; and for his finale, he ordered her to lay on her back so he could stomp on her abdomen -- oh, all while telling her she didn't deserve the baby. When she was eventually found, she had bruises all over her body, as well as vaginal bleeding and, obviously, pain in her abdomen.

I've been blogging for a decent amount of time, and I have to say: This could be one of the most disgusting, horrifying stories I've ever heard. That's Turner's solution for an unwanted pregnancy? Beating the everliving crap out of his ex-girlfriend? And stomping her stomach? WTF? Ugh, I seriously am nauseated just thinking about this. 

Turner's been taken in and charged (and is being held on $500,000 bail), and if the allegations prove to be true, he's in for a seriously rude awakening. He could be facing charges of first-degree attempted murder of an unborn child, as well as domestic assault. Guess some people would rather do time than pay child support (or wear a condom). Hopefully, if he's convicted, he'll be in there for life. Disgusting.

I mean, how appalling is this?

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nonmember avatar fran

May the prison population stomp on this guy too.

Dale Husband

He could have offered to pay for her abortion, but not this! Sometimes I wonder about the human race! What stupidity! I am pro-choice and this woman wasn't given a choice.

nonmember avatar Guest

Yes, I think that is a prime contender for worst human being, scum, life in prison.

nonmember avatar bb

it's ironic how people can be so disgusted by this beast's behavior toward an unborn "child" and wondering if the "baby" survived but he would have been hailed as a hero if he simply would have forced the woman to have an abortion done to the "fetus"

Jaimie Cape-Asay

I am assuming the baby and the Mother are ok since nothing else was reported on them? While this is clearly the work of a monster, not a human being, I am disgusted by his behavior and question why he didn't just walk away from the situation like every other asshole out there that can't pay for his actions in the bedroom. If you want nothing to do with the child then the child is better off not having you in it's life. Hopefully this monster will be taken care of in jail and learn what it feels like to get a beating as well. I know if that were me, he wouldn't have even made it to jail without a beating from my family first. I hope this Mother and child are ok and it would be great if the news actually followed up with something positive to ensure our fears. It's one thing to hear about these kind of monsters but another that the victoms are not recognized more...they are the one's I care about.

nonmember avatar Anji

Yes, the baby survived.

Allison Ambers

That'll teach her for choosing a LOSER to impregnate her!!! H E L L O?

nonmember avatar janet

hope THAT SUPPOSED MAN[??] goes to jail and other inmates find out what he did and do to him what he did to her. i will lite a candle and pray for girl and baby. i am shaking-in anger and in disbelief that 1 human can do this to another!!

nonmember avatar Tara

Of course, if he desperately wanted the baby and she didn't, it wouldn't have mattered. She could go get an abortion and there isn't a d@mn thing he could have done about it. This is why women really need to take birth control seriously. Unless a guy out-right tells you he wants to have a baby with you, don't assume that he will want to have a baby with you.

nonmember avatar Ajjacob

Judging by his disgusting action, his mental state is definitely abnormal!!!! I wonder if he' s stomping in anyone behind those bars n jail??? The article never mentioned if the unborn child was ok....???? This coward is less than a man and obviously isn't father material anyway. The unborn child deserves better than that!!!!

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