President Obama Celebrates Tax Day With a Big, Fat Refund


Barack Obama"I'm gonna make it rain up in here!"You can run, but you can't hide. That fateful day has finally descended upon us, people. It's April 17. Tax day. A day, if you hadn't already taken care of your taxes weeks ago, you're either celebrating or cursing. Personally, I'm doing the latter, as I freakin' owe. President Obama, on the other hand, is doing the former. The Obamas got serious cash back. We're talking over 20 Gs here. WTF? How is this possible? He gets everything.

According to reports, the IRS will be sending Barack and Michelle Obama a check to the tune of $24,515. That's right, an almost $25,000 tax return. Could you imagine getting that much cash back? I can't, 'cause again, I owe.

Turns out, fatty tax checks for Presidents aren't anything new. In fact, Obama's return is small potatoes in comparison to George W. Bush's in 2003, which was more than $61,451. A good majority of their baller checks can be attributed to their charitable ways -- and the fact that they pay a crazy amount in taxes year-round. Last year, Obama and his family paid more than $160,000 in taxes on a $789,674 income. (The Prez's salary is $400,000, the rest of the money came from the books he wrote.) Obama's filing, which was released by the White House, also shows donations to organizations of more than $172,000, and a payment of $31,941 in state income tax in Illinois.

But still ... I want a $25,000 check right now. I understand the logistics of how this whole "tax thing" works, but there's something about getting a check "out of nowhere" -- no matter how much you've paid -- that feels like free money. It's a beautiful thing. And I'm sorry I can't enjoy it as much as Obama. Lucky stiff. 

Are you getting money back or do you owe? If the former, what are you gonna do with all that sweet, sweet cash?

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angev... angevil53

it doesn't seem like luck had much to do with it

Procr... Procrastamom

We're buying braces for our son with our refund.  Yaaaaaaaayyyyyblergh...


bills... billsfan1104

Procrast, I thought in Canada health care was free? So wouldnt the braces be covered? I AM not bashing, just an honest question.

I have to pay. Boooooo taxes.

navyw... navywife0204

this year we have to pay... even when we get money back, we usually use it to pay property taxes...

nonmember avatar AI

@billsfan: I'm pretty sure braces fall under orthodontics which are not covered under most insurance policies in the US and I'm assuming it would be similar in Canada. Unless there's a specific health reason for it, braces are elective and hence wouldn't be covered in most cases.

I owe this year, not a whole lot thankfully. I barely worked in 2010 because I was finishing school, but graduating and working more (at an albeit mediocre job) increased our income around 20% last year. I figure it'll even out in the end.

nonmember avatar Guest

Considering obama's constant shrieking for people to pay more and more taxes to pay for his party's absurd overspending, shouldn't he be sending in at least double?

Procr... Procrastamom

@billsfan - No, most dental is not covered by Canadian health care (I think there is some coverage for lower earners - especially for their children).  We pay for extended coverage through my employer which covers prescriptions, alternative medicine like chiropractic and dental.  Our plan only covers checkups and fillings and 50-80% of things like crowns and surgery.  It's hard to find a plan these days that covers orthodontics, so we have to pull that $6000 out of our own pockets.  Oh well, at least all three of my kids didn't need braces.

bills... billsfan1104

Ty Procrast. Its like our health insurance. We have to.get seperate denatl coverage and it doesnt cover shit. And it boggles my mind because sometimes your dental health effects everything else.

nonmember avatar Amanda v

Somehow we had to pay this year too. Boo. We made less and bought a house, what's up with that?

A few years bck, a friend of mine got almost $20,000. Bought a house and had a baby. Lucked out!

nonmember avatar Jessica

A refund is money that you've already paid into the system, it's not like these are tax credits. Also, a refund is like an interest free loan we've been giving the government... nothing to envy.

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