Romney Can't Ignore Ted Nugent & His Explosive Obama-Hating 'Threats' (VIDEO)

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Ted Nugent NRAIn terrifying, embarrassing news today, country legend and right-wing activist Ted Nugent was speaking at an NRA event recently and told attendees to go home and recruit "everybody in your lives to clean house in this vile, evil, America-hating administration ... wiping its ass with the Constitution." Yes. Really.

Not sure that you can brush that off as typical, aggressive election year rhetoric. Especially because it got even worse, with Nugent alluding to assassinating the President.

Nugent continued:

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nonmember avatar Guest

"Romney Can't Ignore Ted Nugent"??!??!?!?

Why not? obama has ignored pelosi, reid, wasserman-schultz, schumer, murray, frank, grayson, durbin, hollings, boxer, brown, feinstien, kerry, leahey, waters, waxman, norton, lewis, hoyer, rangle, clyburn, jackson-lee, moran, norton, or mcdermott, (just to name a few) who have all said things at least as bad, often far worse, often on numerous occasions, and they are sitting elected officials in his own party! Sorry lefties, you are in no position to criticize anyone on the right when it comes to civility.

bills... billsfan1104

Lol JKM. Thats what I say about a lot of stars.

jasmi... jasmineg86

we can block commenters? oohh.. let me go find that feature right now!

nonmember avatar Ray

To the guest that said others have made equivalent comments. I say your out of your ever lovin mind. Threatening the President of the USA it does not get any worse than that.

nonmember avatar Guest

To Ray, you could argue that he alluded to such a thing. Once again, we heard it from the left CONSTANTLY during the Bush administration, usually in a far less subtle fashion. Heck, they even made a movie depicting a Bush assassination.

Loref... Lorefield

Nugent is a douche. 

I hope his hateful speech does not inspire any actual violence :\

Renee Decarish

You people who think this speech is ok must be very hateful and angry.  Is it because the our President is black?  What about being patriotic?  Remember when we had to have respect for the President or we were being unpatriotic?  I cant see how anyone could agree with someone talking about shooting people and chopping off heads.  This group that was clapping and smiling reminded me of a lynching about to take place!!!!  You should be ashamed. 

Garret Marucha

I believe it was Jefferson who said that in order for a country to remain free,an armed rebellion should take place every 20 years. The tree of liberty need be covered in the blood of patriots and dictators,for it is its natural manure.While I don't think Obama should be executed,I do think some changes need to happen. And not through diplomacy,the Gov't should fear its people. They do step on our Constitution,and it is time it stops.

nonmember avatar Guest

@Renee Decarish - "Is it because the our President is black?" I believe that shrilly shrieking "racism" is the new word to top the list of things that instantly invalidate your statements under "Godwins Law" "Remember when we had to have respect for the President or we were being unpatriotic?" No one ever said that. It was gleefully cheering for America to lose a war so you could have a momentary excuse for your irrational Bush-hate that was unpatriotic.

Carol Wilkes

Get this lunatic out of the country

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