Ashley Judd Gives Rick Santorum an 'Abortion' Scolding He'll Never Forget (VIDEO)

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ashley juddAshley Judd is becoming my favorite feminist -- not to mention my favorite Judd. Last week she lashed out at the media for picking at her appearance. This week she took on Rick Santorum and pretty much the whole extreme pro-life universe in a Funny or Die video. She and her sisters in comedy have a special message just for Rick: He has to wait 72 hours before terminating his candidacy.

Take Rick Santorum's announcement that he's suspending terminating his presidential campaign and plunk it into an abortion clinic and -- oooh, a dozen or so hilarious/squirmy parallels hatch like so many fuzzy, provocative little chicks.

Okay, depending on where you are on the whole pro-choice/pro-life debate, this is either the funniest thing ever or the kind of video that confirms your suspicion that we are all just one more wicked joke away from The End of Days.

I think it's only fair to invite Rick Santorum to share some of the shame he wants to inflict on, well, pretty much every woman out there who wants full control over our reproductive lives. 

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Some of my favorite moments: Scary doom-and-gloom music, candidacy ultrasound, "the law requires me to tell you that as early as six weeks a candidacy can have living, breathing supporters," and that amazing pamphlet Ashley's holding there. It kind of flashes by quickly but it reads, "Planned Politics Guide to Never Running for President Again." ELL OH ELL -- I love it.

The ladies all play it straight for laughs except for one moment when Ashley looks sincerely pissed: "I mean, you're a grown man running for president! And I'm just a woman who's never worked in politics and couldn't possibly understand what you're going through." Yeah, I wonder how she feels about male politicians inserting themselves into the whole birth control/choice debate?

Do you think the abortion clinic/presidential campaign comparison is funny or inappropriate?


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Angie... Angielicious84

Can't stand Ashley Judd. Abortion is murder. Plain and simple. And don't give me crap about medically necessary. My uncle is a doctor and he said in his 30 years he has never seen one that was medically necessary, never performed one.

You know we keep praying and begging for cures to cancer, aids, etc. I can't wait for when I get to heaven and this is asked of god and he says "well I sent children who would become scientists and find all those cures, but they were slaughtered."

And the "i"m not ready to be a mom" excuse, well keep your legs shut and you won't become a mom!!!

We murder babies and torture animals, can't wait to see what's in store for our society.



nonmember avatar Angel

Using actual facts and statistics, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (a United States federal agency,) there were 88,400 cases of ectopic pregnancies in 1989, and according to CNN (news service,) it is estimated that 1 in 1,000 pregnant women are diagnosed with cancer every year(over 6,000 women,) so tens of thousands of women have needed life saving treatments, but have had to end their pregnancies. Do not denigrate the difficult choices they had to make, and despicably call them "murderers."

Furthermore, there were almost a million fetal deaths out of 6 million-plus pregnancies in 1996, according to the Centers for Disease Control, and given that a percentage of miscarriages occurred because the women did not take every precaution to prevent it (getting enough rest, not drinking caffeine or alcohol, abstaining from strenuous exercise, etc.,) then you have essentially damned women who miscarry as "murderers" (how would you ever be able to determine which pregnancies just ended biologically?) Direct your energies instead to helping the hundreds of thousands of children waiting to be adopted or are in foster care, or fighting to prevent the thousands of children killed each year by one or more parent.

antfa... antfarmer101

Angielicious84...It's a good thing your uncle wasn't around when my grandmother had to have hers. She had an ectopic pregnancy that, if allowed to continue, WOULD have killed her. Was it hard for her? Absolutley. She still gets upset talking about it. But, if she hadn't had the option available to her, her first daughter would have grown up without a mother and I wouldn't be here (my mother was her third pregnancy/child).

So get down off your high horse and realize that there are other factors at play for people who make this choice. Is it okay with all of you rabid pro-lifers that children grow up without their mothers? Is that okay because Daddy can always remarry or something? Nothing/no one can replace your mother.

 I cherish BOTH of my children and it terrifies me every day that something will happen to me that will take me away from them. So if it came down to a life-threatening pregnancy or an abortion, I have to say I would make the choice that would keep me here with the two children I already have. That's my choice and it's my right to make that choice. I would never kidnap someone else and strongarm them into a hospital/clinic to have an abortion if they didn't want one, and I personally would appreciate the same respect in regards to my options.

Oh, and Ashley Judd? I don't think she's perfect, but she's done a lot of things I like and this is one of them. Rick Santorum, sick child or no, can go pound sand.

nonmember avatar Gretta

Abortion denies another human being the chance to feel sunshine on their face.... the chance to feel a hug... the chance to see a smile... the chance to laugh... the chance to love.

aMarieT aMarieT


and yes I laughed

someday the conservatives will realize that an ultra conservative is a bad choice. And someday the American public as a whole will realize that we need a centrist. Someone who sees the legitimacy of both sides and is ready, willing, and able to roll up their sleeves to get the job done

You know, a grown up

cecil... cecilmansmom

" I wish everyone would just shut up about abortion. Don't like them? Don' t have one. Simply as that. It is really none of anyone else's GODDAMN business if a woman decided to have one."


It is not a woman's business to committ murder It is murder and she should be tried as a murderer. Woe to the nation that runs to shed innocent blood

brandyj brandyj

Comparing a presidential campaign to an unborn child is ridiculous.  Ashley, please stick to acting, hun.

nonmember avatar JenMom

Are the anti-choice commenters on here on crack? There was absolutely nothing in that video that glorified abortion. It was all about using irony to show how foolish it is to judge and condemn another person's private choices. Wow.

nonmember avatar Angel

Gretta / cecilmansmom -

So you could care less about women dying from dangerous pregnancies or not getting life saving cancer treatments or having back alley abortions? So you could care less about the thousands of unwanted children who die every single year from abuse and neglect, because of a parent who was completely incapable of taking care of them?

How cruel.

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