Ashley Judd Gives Rick Santorum an 'Abortion' Scolding He'll Never Forget (VIDEO)

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ashley juddAshley Judd is becoming my favorite feminist -- not to mention my favorite Judd. Last week she lashed out at the media for picking at her appearance. This week she took on Rick Santorum and pretty much the whole extreme pro-life universe in a Funny or Die video. She and her sisters in comedy have a special message just for Rick: He has to wait 72 hours before terminating his candidacy.

Take Rick Santorum's announcement that he's suspending terminating his presidential campaign and plunk it into an abortion clinic and -- oooh, a dozen or so hilarious/squirmy parallels hatch like so many fuzzy, provocative little chicks.

Okay, depending on where you are on the whole pro-choice/pro-life debate, this is either the funniest thing ever or the kind of video that confirms your suspicion that we are all just one more wicked joke away from The End of Days.

I think it's only fair to invite Rick Santorum to share some of the shame he wants to inflict on, well, pretty much every woman out there who wants full control over our reproductive lives. 

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Some of my favorite moments: Scary doom-and-gloom music, candidacy ultrasound, "the law requires me to tell you that as early as six weeks a candidacy can have living, breathing supporters," and that amazing pamphlet Ashley's holding there. It kind of flashes by quickly but it reads, "Planned Politics Guide to Never Running for President Again." ELL OH ELL -- I love it.

The ladies all play it straight for laughs except for one moment when Ashley looks sincerely pissed: "I mean, you're a grown man running for president! And I'm just a woman who's never worked in politics and couldn't possibly understand what you're going through." Yeah, I wonder how she feels about male politicians inserting themselves into the whole birth control/choice debate?

Do you think the abortion clinic/presidential campaign comparison is funny or inappropriate?


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Hocke... HockeyMomNJ

As for Judd speaking on behalf of females as a whole, I think its much better than politicians speaking FOR us and deciding without us, on what we can and cannot do with our bodies. I think it was appropriate.

zandh... zandhmom2

Until I saw this, Ashley Judd WAS my favorite actress.  Not anymore! I'm consider myself pro-choice but I find it sick that women actually become almost giddy over having the right to abort. I mean really, this is something to celebrate? I understand that there are reasons at different times in a women life that they may choose to have an abortion but considering there are so many ways that pregnacy could be avoided in the first place, it just amazes me the cavalier attitude towards it. I know the die hard will agrue that it's not a baby until it can survive on it's own and it's your body and you can do what you want but I still find it sad. 

SwePea SwePea

Exactly zandhmom2! Another thing that irritates me is that because I don't root for abortions, I'm "against women" or not a feminist. Quite untrue. I believe women deserve better than abortions. Yes they must stay legal & safe but it's not something to be proud of.

nonmember avatar Oma

LOVED the video, and love, love Ashley Judd and Katy Mixon. So glad Santorum can now fade to obscurity and be gone already! He is such a plague

bills... billsfan1104

Does Ashley know that Santorum is not in the race anymore and he quit, because his daughter is very ill? Where is the compassion?

Torra... TorranceMom


Semantics - A favorite past time of progressives, Left leaners, feminists, etc. Calling a baby a zygote sure makes him/her easier to abort.

chigi... chigirl1228

Boomeran- it's funny I was just telling my boyfriend last night that I feel bad Santorum was the butt of so many of my jokes. I feel bad about his daughter. He's out of the race now. We can all forget about him. I still wish his family well.

chigi... chigirl1228

Boomeran is supposed ti be billsfan* this stupid phone.

bills... billsfan1104

Chi, my phone does the same thing.

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