9-Year-Old Boy Left Dead Mom & Sister & Went to School Because He Had No Other Choice

school safety zoneA 9-year-old boy became one of the quiet heroes of America this week in the saddest way possible. He walked into his elementary school and told teachers that his mom and sister were dead. And it only gets worse from there.

Police say they went to the boy's home and found the bodies of his mom and older sister (listed as 10 years old by some media outlets, 11 years old by others), his father alive but covered in blood, and his 4-year-old brother sitting amidst the chaos. Dad's now being investigated to determine whether he played a role in the tragedy. Guess what that means for the 9-year-old?

He's the adult in this situation ... more or less. He had the wherewithal to keep it together until he made it to school, his safe haven, and actually talked to a responsible adult. What he did was smart and pretty darn incredible. Most adults couldn't have kept calm enough to do that. And he's 9. NINE!

Now he's a 9-year-old without a mom. And with police saying there was no sign of a break-in or some intruder, things are looking pretty bad on the dad front too. That makes him, what. The "man" of the family? In what world does that make sense?

I know "they" always say kids will surprise you, but I can't help sitting here today with tears in my eyes for this little boy. He shouldn't have had to surprise people with his strength. He should be just a little boy going about his day doing little boy things. Playing LEGOs and eating candy. He shouldn't be the one who had to figure out how to escape a home of horrors and how to find a responsible adult to help his family.

He's a 9-year-old hero. But I wish he could just be a 9-year-old boy.

What would you like to do for this young man today?


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nonmember avatar Tam

Erm... It's called shock.

the4m... the4mutts

Tam- that was incredibly bitchy.

I can't imagine what was going through the child's head, whether or not it was "Erm... shock" all I know, is that he defintely witnessed something horrific, and he managed to do something about it. He told someone, and got himself somewhere safe.

I hope this poor baby, and his 4yr old sibling, find peace and love.

nonmember avatar Tam

Re: the4mutts... I do not think I was being "bitchy" I was simply stating that this poor child was obviously in total shock at what he witnessed, I doubt very much that he was being "adult" and I'm personally offended by your comment.

I'm not a horrible person I just don't believe that this journalist should call anyone a "hero" for something that's (obviously terrible and shocking and I'd never wish on anyone ever!) not heroic.

nonmember avatar Audi

Tam-how can you say that was not heroic? He saved his own life and probably the life of his sibling. I have to agree with the4mutts, you are being bitchy.

nonmember avatar Jennifer

Tam, I think everyone is offended at your comment. What is not heroic about a NINE year old kid staying calm (I'm certain he was in shock but not the point) and going to school to get help. What this poor kid has seen and went through is something as an adult I cannot imagine. So I agree with the previous comment that "b****y" is how you sounded.

the4m... the4mutts

Be offended and backtrack on your rude-ass statement all you want.

The child may not be a hero in your eyes, but he was heroic in his actions none-the-less.

He has suffered a tremendous loss here, and there is no need to downplay what the entire family has been through, or their reactions to it.

nonmember avatar Tam

Wow! :/ So me having an opinion and happen to be a woman has been cut down to me being "bitchy"?

The Stir is about many people who only write what they THINK including the journalists but you both have ignored that in favour of taking what I said the wrong way!

Bottom line, the boy was in shock and this journalist is calling him a hero... Also where do you read that he "saved his brothers life and his own?" (probably) and how is walking out of a house, all the way to school "heroic"? Did he take his 4 year old brother with him? You have no idea if his father did this, he coul have saved the boy, told the eldest son to run to school and tell... Not enough information in this story.

I'm not belittling this tragic event I was not aiming to do that, BUT my opinion is not bitchy but as valid as is yours.

Geez, way to attack people.

nonmember avatar Tam

I wasn't talking about the bloody story! ( I should have said that) that I was saying that the writer chose stupid words!

You all have your opinions.... Even if I think you got it wrong.

BiBi Frederick Waltslady

the4mutts im LOVING you more and more with every comment I read!! LOL.... poor kid this is so sad and I just hope this doesnt affect him in the long run(wishful thinking, but im hoping for the best)

nonmember avatar WC

Wow the comments. I would have to take the sides of the journalist on this one. Words are words and are interpreted by those who write them and read them. If the journalist sees this boy as a hero, then to her, he is a hero. If your idea of a hero doesn't match up, then say that, don't blame the writer for something you don't see eye to eye on. Try to take it as it is for once, and not so personally. The journalist is simply asking "What would you like to do for this young man today?" I believe that is the discussion topic; not writing about what's right or wrong with a child's actions regarding the death of their loved one's. Personally, I would try to help this young boy by contributing to a 529 college savings account for him. We don't know the facts of the father's actions, but if worse comes to worst... this boy will need all the help he can get.

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