'Badass' Hillary Clinton Is So Done With Politics

hillary clinton colombiaHillary Clinton has made it clear that she's done with politics. And, with all due respect, it couldn't be more obvious. Last week, we saw the Secretary of State, sunglass-clad and texting like a di-va (giving way to the hilarious Internet meme "Texts From Hillary"), and now, just this past weekend, she's gifted unto us "Badass Hillary" -- the Hillary who swigs beers like a pro in trendy Colombian cafes and dances her ass off. Kind of amazing.

Clinton was in town for the Summit of the Americas, and by no means was it all work, no play for the politician. She unwound after a hard day's work at hot spot Café Havana in Cartagena, dancing the rumba with a few of her aides, imbibing, playing the maracas, and eventually calling it a night around 1 a.m. For a 64-year-old, that's damn impressive. The most exciting thing I did this weekend was paint an end table.

I'm sure Republicans will have a field day with this one ("Oh my God, the Secretary of State is smiling and actually enjoying life. What a disgrace."), but I say it's fun. Hillary has been so serious throughout the years, and Lord knows she's been through enough, it's nice to see this side of her. It's nice to see that she really is just like us. (If "us" hangs out at trendy Colombian hot spots.)

When the year's over, I'm gonna miss ol' Hill. I like the idea of having a badass, beer-drankin' boss b***ch in office. It makes me feel safe, and oddly, it makes me feel kind of cool. However, from the looks of things, I really don't think she's going to miss us too much. And that's alright. You get yours, girl, you get yours. 

What do you think of Hillary Clinton's "wild" night out?


Image via New York Post


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coupo... coupon_ash_back

Love it, makes me like her even more!

Destiny Hall Lewis

I am definitely a republican and I still think it was great to see her have a good time. As long as it wasn't on our tax dollar that woman deserves a break. Maybe the alcohol makes the fact that she works for a douche that much more tolerable. ;-) CHEERS HIL!!!! Bottoms UP!

TeganB TeganB

Also as a right-leaner, I think it's great to see her relax, take a break from politics, and just be a real person. Ugh, being a highly visible and critically watched public figure has got to be exhausting! 

starl... starlight1968

My mom is 64 and I can see her doing the same thing..republican/democrat etc. doesn't mean a thing when you are wanting to just sit/relax and have a beer.... good for HER!!!!

nonmember avatar Marla

Hillary is amazing.Best leader ever. HILLARY 2012!

vanes... vanessa5470

My family is from Cartegna and it's an amazing place to visit. I'm glad they're enjoying themselves, and it shows that they too are human!

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