Woman Strips Naked in Airport & Was Clearly No Bomb Threat (VIDEOS)

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airport securityAirport security being what it is these days, most of us travelers feel like we can't even step outside of the cattle call lines they force us into without being called out as a potential terrorist. While the occasional rebel does something to challenge the TSA, most of us would rather just keep our heads down and shuffle through the irritating process as quickly as possible. But not one wild woman out in Denver!

At Denver International yesterday morning, a woman stripped down naked in the middle of the terminal. Sources tell TMZ she had been smoking a cigarette in a non-smoking area with her clothes on when airport staffers told her she had to put it out. Fair enough. But then, she went kookoodilly, decided to go all out nudist, and then -- get this -- asked an airport staffer to reprint her boarding pass! HA!

It's unclear as to whether or not the strip down was her way of protesting the request to put out her ciggy. In fact, it's unclear exactly what she was attempting to accomplish or meaning to, err, communicate by taking off her clothes. Instead, seems like we can safely assume the woman simply wasn't in her right mind.

And yet ... somehow, this wacky behavior didn't incite the typical knee-jerk "OMG WTF (NAKED) TERRORIST?!" reaction of the TSA. Granted, they did haul her off to a medical facility for evaluation. But she's not facing charges as of right now, and she wasn't arrested! There was no crazy showdown or evacuation of other travelers or another form of airport drama we've gotten accustomed to hearing about.

Have to admit -- this is pretty damn impressive! I'm not sure if it just means the TSA there in Denver is slacking, or they're just accustomed to whackjobs? (They must get a lot of silly stoners in and out of that airport, come to think of it ...) But I prefer to see the bright side here and take this incident as proof that perhaps the TSA isn't always hell-bent on jumping to alarming conclusions. Well, at least when it comes to a woman whose lost her marbles and wants to put on a nudie show ...

Here's a video of the incident. Kinda hilarious to see people just walking by, not batting an eyelash...


And here's more news coverage on the crazy story ...

What do you make of this woman's behavior? Should she have been arrested?

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nonmember avatar Emily

huh - typical day at the air port lol

femal... femaleMIKE

She must have been high too

nonmember avatar Kettriah Voong

I love Denver, they have lots of people going cuckoo. I love in Colorado Springs, and I used to travel to Oregon quite a bit with my mom. Denver definitely has a lot of people flying higher than a kite there.

tania... taniamorse85

The TSA probably appreciated that she did their job for them.

Cheryl Spires-Baker Duerr

Did TSA check out that cigarette she put out.....doubt if it was a Marlboro.  

Jacqueline Carter Kirby

clearly people are disturbed..are you not watching their body language?!!  stupid people get on my nerves:/

nonmember avatar Steve

She didn't hurt anyone, she didn't steal anything, she didn't damage anything.....why arrest her? Don't any of you ever get naked? The human body isn't something you catch by looking at one.....don't you people have one too?

Heather Coit

She had to have been drunk or in the middle of a mental breakdown.  IDK......airports and TSA make me want to flip out when traveling too!!

nonmember avatar Bonnie Treadway

No, she should not have been arrested, and no she probably is not crazy or stupid. I have felt like doing the same thing a few times. I am a 70 year old woman with 2 fake knees; I always get taken to the little room for a thorough search and pat down.

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