Being Conservative Is Like Being Drunk -- Science Says So!

Liberals are intellectual, smart, and educated while those with more conservative views tend to be expressing their knee-jerk, oversimplified reaction to the world. That is the stereotype and, as it turns out, probably the reality as well. A new study published in Psychological Science shows that not only are many conservatives opposed to higher education for all (Rick Santorum anyone), the views they express are often a result of "low effort" thinking.

Wow. I am so shocked.

But seriously, in other obvious news: Did you know the grass is green? How about the sky? It turns out that is BLUE. Wow. Shocking, right? The fact is, anyone who has ever been drunk knows that the things conservatives believe in are the things liberals might believe in, too. If they were drunk.

In fact, the study used alcohol to make a point. Psychologists asked people about politics in a bar and in a laboratory setting. Those in the bar proved that people with higher blood alcohol levels were more likely to be conservative than those who were less tipsy. Awesome.

When the same questions were asked in the lab, those who responded quickly off the top of the head or who were distracted were more likely to be conservative.

Indeed, it's true. When people are in a bad mood or not in the mood to think, they tend to be more selfish. They tend to say things like, "I have to work hard, why can't everyone else?" Suddenly, the part of their brain that thinks about things deeply is shut off and hey, look! Everything is so simple! I am just like Mitt Romney!

This isn't the first study like this. Back a few months ago, there was also a study that showed prejudice, racism, and yes, conservative thinking was most prevalent in those with low IQs. How many times does it have to be studied before people will start believing it?

Memo to conservatives: Life isn't simple. It isn't black and white and it certainly isn't some oversimplified, knee-jerk response, easy answer-filled joy ride. If only it were. 

This study is no surprise, but it's unfortunate. Given the time (and capacity) to think things out wholly and intellectually, more people might agree politically. Wouldn't that be amazing?

Does this study ring true to you?


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MsRkg MsRkg

Damn that's hilarious and kind of does make a lot of sense actually!! Teehee lol

nonmember avatar kym

Well now we don't need a study to prove that liberals are elitist snobs, do we? Just see article above.

Em Chappell-Root

As someone who is more liberal leaning, let me say, there are Liberals who are just the same, ideologically blind and "drunk" on their own certitude. If you're not willing to at least entertain the assumption your opponent may be right and analyze his views and reasoning, you're already in a losing position. I may disagree with MANY of the moms on here, mostly conservative, but I understand what they think even if I don't always agree with why they think it. That's why I don't fit into any one group. I think critically and look at the issues, others views, and what's going on, I'm more likely to find value in both groups, even if I disagree. Ideologs are the issue, people who refuse to examine and think critically, not camps of thought. Anyone who refuses to think has automatically lost.

Mamab... MamabearC

I think the only ones who aren't already aware of this are the conservatives, who can never admit that there's even a possibility of ever being wrong. Of course, they don't like science and facts in the first place so they'll probably not care about this study anyway...

lisas... lisasuel1

Hmmm... I will venture a guess that both the people performing these "studies" and the writer of this article are liberals.

Flori... Floridamom96

Sooo, the entire purpose of your article is to justify belittling those who are of a different political persuasion? Yeah, that just reeks of intelligence. Not surprisingly liberals need science to recognize and agree with their high opinion of themselves while simultaneously belittling others in order to feel validated. Reminds me of something my niece said, "Liking your own status is kind of like high fiving yourself in public." Why do liberals need so badly for others to approve of them?

Betty Zamarripa

Wow! You just proved why people think liberals are jerks. Should a study be conducted or should we take your narrow minded article as proof?
Memo to Author: Read the tests that were conducted on the Tea Party. :)

Also, what's wrong with all people having their own opinion? America is the land of the FREE!
Thank God we have the liberties we do. I DON'T want to think like you and WE, in America have that PRIVILEGE!
Why is it that every time I read an article by a liberal, they want to KILL free speech? As if having my own idea and thoughts is wrong b/c they are not part of the current PC trend.

calim... calimom73

Interesting.  I'm an independent so I have views on both sides, however this post was written with so much sarcasm it's hard to even take the writer seriously.  Why not just point out the interesting parts of the study and leave the underlying sarcasm out and let the study speak for itself. 

I also have to point out that in real life we often have to make quick decisions without being able to take all the time in the world to research, look at all sides, and twiddle our thumbs while we really ponder a decision.    

nonmember avatar westcoastgal

Wow. This article is very rude and condescending. I happen to be a highly educated and (yes) conservative woman. The two can co-exist. I can accept that not everyone has the same viewpoint of the world and don't go through life bashing those who live and think differently than I do. Maybe something this writer should practice....the tone of this article is not attractive to her or this website.

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