Ann Romney Ad Paints Mitt as a Man Who Needs a Mommy (VIDEO)

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Mitt Romney and family in new ann romney adNote to Republican strategists: You're not going to win American women's hearts by painting your candidate as a perpetual child. In the year 2012 most women expect their husband to be their equal, not another baby they have to clean up after and discipline. 

Too bad for Mitt Romney that someone over there in Camp GOP thought it might be a good idea to have his wife Ann Romney do an ad in which she talks about their family and calls Mitt her "sixth son." (As one Twitter user wise-cracked, one kid for every house they own! Ha!) That's because he was always getting his boys going with pranks -- you know, when he was home, that is. And this is somehow supposed to be proof that the Romneys aren't involved in the GOP war on women ... Really?!

Here's the ad ...

It's hilarious how the Republicans love to rely on diversions and twisted logic to get their points across. How in the world this ad addresses the war the far-right has waged on women's reproductive health is beyond me. There's nothing in here that should set a woman's mind at ease about government getting involved in her parental planning. No, it's just Ann making Mitt look more Peter Griffin than Mr. Burns. And I guess that makes her Lois, forever cleaning up her hubby's messes. So, huh ... maybe it's Ann we should be voting for come November??

Because, let's face it, the ad does not inspire confidence in Mitt. It only serves to make him look like an immature buffoon, unable to assume the role of an evolved, responsible parent, while his wife acts as the sole adult and disciplinarian in the family. But wait -- awww, isn't it cute how she enjoyed it? She even wishes she could go back and do it all over again!

Pfft! Maybe if the year was 1951. The only women who could be wooed by this are those who don't take issue with the antiquated idea that we should all be perfectly happy barefoot and perpetually pregnant in the kitchen. In other words, the ones who don't believe there's a war on women anyway. Looks like Mitt's not going to score himself some new lady votes with this one. Better luck next time!

For you, does this ad inspire confidence in Mitt Romney's ability to lead or his trust in women?

Image via MittRomney/YouTube

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chigi... chigirl1228

Wow. Usually I love your articles but this one was kind of rude. Maybe she did enjoy taking care of her family. I know that is one of my joys. I understand the point you're trying to make but you insulted some women, career oriented or not, because some do love to baby their partners. Take a step back from the attack and focus on main points. It works better than name calling.

ashjo85 ashjo85

I love how you promote "woman's choice" but if that choice is to stay home and take care of her family and she truly enjoys doing it, you ridicule the shit out of her. Shame on you!


Are you seriously freaking kidding me? So this man got down and dirty with his sons and gave them a wonderful childhood and terrific memories and you're going to mock him? Really? I feel sorry for the childhood you must have had. This ad makes me like him more than I already did.

nonmember avatar Liberal Sheep

Baaaah! Baaaah!
The Republicans are waging a "War on Women"!
Baaaah! Baaaah!

Procr... Procrastamom

This ad just says to me that Mitt is a man-child who loves to pull pranks, the biggest of which he will pull on the American public if he is elected President. The jokes on you, Republicans!

Todd Vrancic

This is a severe mis-step for Mr. Romney's campaign.  I don't want a President to be someone to hang out with, I want him to be "the adult in the room."  This would be a good ad for Mrs. Romney as President.


No, the joke has been on us the last 4 years and Todd, this is him AT HOME with his boys. Not "on the job." Should the president never golf? Take vacations or laugh with his kids? Do you want to know how many times the current administrator has done those things? 

nonmember avatar Gretta

Ok, so I am not a Republican, but can we please drop the "war on women" hyperbole? The Republicans are not waging a "war on women". That's silly and detracts from real arguments and thought provoking discussion.

Todd Vrancic

I still think this is a mis-step.  I am not interested in what the man does in his off-time.  That was what I was getting at.  I want to know more about his policies, not his relationship with his kids.  I also don't particularly care how Mr. Obama interacts with his kids, it has nothing to do with his job as President of the United States.  As long as neither man does nothing with his kids that is illegal, it is irrelevant.

Andrew Coulter

Creepy blog post of the day. Does that fact that someone apparently enjoys a happy, traditional family life make you angry Maressa? Why? Is there something wrong with a father who wrestles and plays with his kids? Do you have less confidence in someone that has fun with his kids? Would you fall out of love with Obama if you found out he does the same sort of thing with his daughters?
Furthermore, there's no indication this ad was intended as any kind of rebuttal to the supposed war on women. It is simply an attempt to give us insight into the personal life of a good man who the left is attempting to label as robotic.

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