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Mike Wallace DiesAs a writer myself, I have an affinity for fantastic journalists. Sure, everyone has their own favorites -- but hands down Mike Wallace was ALWAYS one of mine. This morning brings sad news to everyone effected my Wallace's outstanding reporting: the 93-year-old longtime reporter for 60 Minutes has died.

Wallace passed with his family by his side in New Haven, Connecticut. Hands down, Wallace was a driving force of what made 60 Minutes one of the most successful evening news broadcasts to date, collecting 21 Emmys during his career. Wallace's professionalism was admirable, his probing questions were the ones everyone wanted to know, and he had a way of asking the tough ones with a coy smile on his face.

In honor of Wallace's legacy, let's take a look back on a few clips from some of his best interviews to date. Starting with Malcolm X:

Malcolm X:

You know what it is about Wallace? He never seems afraid. He also asks questions that demand long, serious answers, and I love that he never interrupts.

Barbra Streisand:

Wow. Wallace making Streisand cry? This is nuts. I'm a little with Streisand on this one, though, he was getting accusatory. I wouldn't have it any other way, though.

Salvador Dali:

Wow. He's is SO young here. You've got to laugh at him poking at Dali's poor English. And sorry I'm not sorry, I just can't seem to take my eyes off of Dali's mustache!

The King Family:

My eyes teared up a little bit when Marty says he wants to be a preacher like his father was. He's so well-spoken, and the way that Wallace handles himself with the family was just perfect.

Morgan Freeman:

Wallace was the king of the casual follow-up question. When Morgan turns the tables and asks Wallace the questions back, though, it's absolutely priceless.

Were you a fan of Mike Wallace's work?


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Melis... Melissa042807

I *heart* the Morgan Freeman interview. Who else in the history of broadcast news could turn the tables and fluster Mike Wallace? Classic! :-) 

You'll be missed, Mike!

Tomáš Pavelka

RIP Mr. Wallace. You've earned our greatest respect! Here's the link to your online memorial: Please share if you agree with respect to Mr. Wallace!

Great... Greatdays

Great clips.  Mike Wallace was a special man.

mamivon2 mamivon2

A fan?? No but I enjoyed listening to him

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