Marion Barry: A Little Racist Slur Can't Touch This

Marion BarrySo, who was surprised to hear Marion Barry has screwed up again? Anyone? Really? The Washington, D.C. councilman is making his apologies today for racially insensitive remarks about Asian shop owners in the nation's capital.

Barry's official comment was: "We got to do something about these Asians coming in and opening up businesses and dirty shops." Way to keep it classy there Marion! And now for the real news: people are actually wiggling their eyebrows and wondering whether this could hurt his chances at re-election. Ah, I really needed a Friday morning giggle. Thanks for that folks!

Marion Barry is, after all, the mayor who spent six months in federal prison back in the '90s for being caught -- on videotape no less -- smoking crack. And they still elected him mayor! Four times!

Heck, in four decades, Barry has only lost one election. And during a primary this week for the council seat in D.C.'s Ward 8, Barry had a whopping 73 percent of the vote.

Oh, and we might as well add in that Barry has been married three times, faced allegations of adultery, and told a national talk show host that he was addicted to sex. That's the kind of stuff that sends most campaign managers back to their computers to brush up their resumes because they know this job is over.

But not Marion Barry's.

Who knows why. Maybe it's because people in Washington are so used to politicians screwing up, they can forgive anything. Maybe it's because the good Barry has done outweighs the bad -- in their minds anyway. If you don't live in D.C., you don't get it. I don't get it.

And yet, we just figure that's the way it's going to be. They've elected the cheating, crack-smoking scoundrel over and over and over again because they think he's worth it. I'm highly doubting some racial insensitivity will suddenly change that.

How about you? Why do you think D.C. residents continue to re-elect Marion Barry?


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MomoLS MomoLS

Yes, his quote regarding Asian business owners are pretty despicable.  The problem isn't those dang Asians; it's about regulation!  It doesn't matter who or what owns those shops; it's the job of the government to make sure everything meets a set of standards.  I've been to plrenty of good and bad restaurants/shops in my lifetime to know that it has NOTHING to do with race.

Also, if he wants more African-American business owners in his district then he needs to promote EDUCATION and financial advising amongst the African-American population in his city.  Don't knock-down a whole race just because another race hasn't gotten in on the program.  If he wants equality then he needs to help ensure and promote that everyone is EQUALLY educated about opening businesses, etc.  It's called competition - and that's what's so great about America.

Boobo... Boobookittt74

So if this story was about any other race saying ANYTHING about blacks u would be "Appauled" and all outraged and sensative but since it's a black being racist it's "funny" ya ok. And no I'm not offended by it or any other lil dumb racial comment people make ever I'm just sick of people being offended at everything and anything anyone sais today especially blacks why is it no one can just get over it and say "hey that guys an asshole" and move on

Hocke... HockeyMomNJ

Good call Boobookittt74

bills... billsfan1104

Just goes to show that many black peolle vote based on color.

deantayl deantayl

It's no mystery why Marion Barry keeps getting reelected.  He truly represents his constituents -- in character and in color. He's one of them.

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