Burger King Pulls Mary J. Blige Commercial But Chickens Out on Explanation (VIDEO)

Mary J. Blige Burger KingThis past weekend Burger King released a commercial featuring Mary J. Blige singing about one of its new menu items -- the fried chicken snack wrap. It's cornier than all get out, but it's also left some flaming mad.

Some in the African American community are outraged that Blige dared to sing about fried chicken, which is stereotypically linked to blacks in this country. I fail to see the problem of a black woman who likes chicken choosing to sing about it, especially since chicken was just one of the ingredients in the wrap, which seems more like a taco than anything else. She sings, "crispy chicken, fresh lettuce, three cheeses, ranch dressing, wrapped up in a tasty flour tortilla," but plenty of others see a BIG problem with it for its promotion of racial stereotypes. A writer at Madame Noire called it "buffoonish."

I suppose we could debate all day whether Black people singing about chicken in any way, shape, or form is offensive, but I think one thing on which most everyone can agree is that Burger King completely chickened out when it came to answering the outcry.

They pulled the ad yesterday, but said it was because it was released "before all of the licensing and final approvals were obtained." In a statement BK continued: "We would like to apologize to Mary J. and all of her fans for airing an ad that was not final."

Okay, but what about the issue of the chicken? NO mention of that at all amidst all of the controversy? What about that huge elephant in the room/chicken that has everyone so fired up? We're supposed to believe that has nothing to do with their decision to pull it? They say the "final" version of the commercial will be released soon, but don't mention if she'll be singing about the same sandwich.

Even Mary J. Blige has failed to address the hot issue at hand here and really chickens out herself. She told TMZ:

I agreed to be a part of a fun and creative campaign that was supposed to feature a dream sequence. Unfortunately, that's not what was happening in that clip. I understand my fans being upset by what they saw. But, if you’re a Mary fan, you have to know I would never allow an unfinished spot like the one you saw go out.


Clearly she knew she was singing about it, so is it just because the commercial is crappy that she's apologizing? That's hard to believe.

With so much unresolved racial tension in this country, you would think that having an open conversation about things like this would be welcome. I would love to hear Mary come out and say why she doesn't think it promotes racial stereotypes, why she chose to do it, or even why she regrets doing it. I'd love to see BK explain what the backlash has meant to them and why they regret or stand by their decision. If we can't discuss issues like chicken, then how are we ever going to move forward on the bigger issues?

Check out the commercial here and see what you think:

Tmz - Mary J. Blige -- Burger King Chicken Commercial Was Not What I Expected

Do you think the commercial promotes racial stereotypes? What do you think of Burger King's explanation as to why they pulled it? What about Mary J. Blige's reaction?


Image via TMZ

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kuwel... kuwelsdestiny

Oh for the love of God. Ok, I get it, racial tension, all that. But people are becoming WAY too sensitive anymore. Its beginning to feel like people aren't ALLOWED to like things simply because stereotypes say they do! This reminds me of the article back in October where people were saying Indian halloween costumes are racist. Sheesh people its a COMMERCIAL!

-Stra... -Strawberry-

Video fail there. And I don't think this should have been a big deal. 

texas... texasmamma777

Good grief. "Political correctness" is helping to destroy this country.

sweet... sweetcherry_59

Um ladies the photo is a link....if you click on it you're taken to the video SMDH.

Anyway, as for the ridiculous controversy over the commercial makes me laugh. So because she is black she isn't allowed to like fried chicken? When was that rule made? I think it's so stupid that this has even become an issue. This race stuff has gotten completely out of control on every side of the debate. How are we ever going to teach our children to look past someones appearance when the majority adults can't do it?

paren... parentalrights1

You want racial stereotypes? Watch a popeyes commercial lol

Seriously. Just because there's a stereotype that black people like fried chicken, doesn't mean that we should stick to just white people in those commercials. Whites and blacks like chicken. Lots of people like chicken and they can make a damn commercial if they want to.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I don't see anything racist about it but I'm still glad they pulled it for wholly selfish reasons. That woman's singing makes me want to rip my ears off.

LoriA... LoriAnn87

there is nothing wrong with this commerical.

Kritika Kritika

As a Greek I demand they stop playing those stupid hummus commercials with the yia yia (grandmother) as they are stereotyping our culture to a bunch of crazy village buffoons.

...not. Everyone needs to learn to laugh at themselves and their own culture otherwise we are all going to kill eachother. But seriously, hummus isn't even Greek =/

lizzig lizzig

i agree with kritika.  people just need to get over themselves & enjoy life!!!  not everything has a evil motive behind it.  my husband is mexican & can laugh at the hispanic stereotypes he sees in movies and on tv.  he has a sense of humor & doesn't let it bother him. 

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