Father Accused of Drowning Wife May Be Doing the Unspeakable to His Daughter

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courtDid you ever read a story and think: this is a lose-lose situation? Nothing good can come of it? That's the best that can be said for the case of Kleber Cordova, the father accused of drowning his wife in the family bathtub while their then 8-year-old daughter watched.

See, right now, Kleber is merely accused. We don't know if he's guilty or innocent. But if a jury declares him innocent, that means that Cordova's defense attorney was successful in convincing a jury that the now-12-year-old girl is a dirty rotten liar.

See what I mean about lose-lose?

Either he's a murderer or she lied to a jury about watching him kill her mother. Not a good situation for this family at all.

I guess there really is no good resolution to a murder case. Someone is always dead at the end. But the New Jersey case is complicated by the age of the prosecution's witness. At 8 years old, the girl apparently told cops that Cordova was trying to "help" his 26-year-old wife, Eliana Torres, out of the water but couldn't do it. But she's been in court in recent days testifying the opposite. She says she actually watched the horrific murder of her own mother.

Prosecutors say the story has changed because she's no longer under the thumb of the father who (they say) manipulated her into defending him. That makes good sense to me. But here's the thing: let's say it's true. Then Kleber Cordova is a bad guy in a huge, horrible, criminal kind of way. 

But, but, but, maybe it's false. OK. Let's say it's not true. Then Kleber Cordova just allowed his defense attorney to rip his own daughter to shreds in a public courtroom. Which makes him ... wait for it ... a bad dad. A dad who would be fighting for his freedom, but still, a dad who let his daughter hang out to dry.

What would be the best outcome here? Is there any way to tell?


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the4m... the4mutts

I'm sorry, if my kid were LIEING and saying I killed her mother, I would let the attorney at her. Then when I stayed out of jail, there would be some intense family counseling.

If he DID kill her mother, well, I'm glad she feels free enough to speak out, and that in itself shows how strong of a person she is. She will get through it.

Mrscj... Mrscjones

I agree with 4 mutts. If she's lying he's suppose to go to jail to prove he's a good dad?

Maevelyn Maevelyn

I think going to jail for something you didn't do to make your kids look good is out side of good dad/ bad dad. It's a terrible situation but their relationship is toast anyway. 

femal... femaleMIKE

The answer could lie in the autopsy.

Cara Leigh

I'm with femaleMIKE- I was curious what the cause of death was.  The wife was 26, so drowning for no reason would be very suspicious.  Now, if she had drugs in her system, health problems, etc., it might seem more plausible that dad was "helping her."

nonmember avatar Teri

I agree with femaleMIKE. I mould want an autopsy and full drug panel done on the deceased to rule out any possible alterations due to drugs and / or alcohol before I would decide if the defendant or witness was lying. As for their relationship from here on out....I would say that it is a nonexistent factor and should hold no bearing on the case.

san3 san3

I don't really follow the logic. How would being an honest man make him a bad father? If he didn't murder his wife and Hus daughter is lying shouldn't he be teaching her a life lesson here? He would be a bad father if he did nothing and just let her get away with sending him to prison for the rest of his life! Nothing good comes from teaching your child that it is ok to lie!

I agree that it would be a lose lose situation. Either way the family has a lot to deal with and a relationship is lost. Sad situation.

Lilit... Lilith825

She'd also have bruising from being held down. I watch enough CSI to know this.

CPN322 CPN322

^^Depends on with what force she as held down and her size compared to his. If she was under the influence of something, and was much smaller then he is, he wouldn't have had to push her down very hard and could leave no physical signs. An autopsy is definitely a crucial piece of evidence here. I also agree with san3.

Gregory A Granello

If you're waiting for the jury to "declare him innocent" you have a long wait, during which time presumable you can continue to read fan mags.  Juries decide Guilty or Not Guilty, and Not Guilty does not mean innocent.

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