Is Obama Plotting Chelsea Clinton's Murder? -- No Harm in Asking, Right?

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Heather Childers TweetOf all the insane conspiracy theories that have been floated about President Barack Obama, the allegations that he was involved in a plot to murder Chelsea Clinton has to be one of the most vicious. It's the kind of thing that makes me feel dirty just writing about. So why Fox News anchor Heather Childers was comfortable tweeting about it is ... well, it's confusing, frankly. But it doesn't make her a monster.

Childers' tweet linked out to a story about the supposed plan to keep Hillary and former President Bill Clinton "quiet" about some big Obama secret on Godfather Politics. She prefaced it simply with the word "Thoughts?"

Not surprisingly, a woman who is supposed to be a "straight news" anchor for the "fair and balanced" TV channel is ducking for cover this morning from the onslaught of criticism. She's even turned her Twitter to "protected," and some folks are saying she needs to be fired. But is it really fair to pick on her? Really?

I'm going to come right out and say the Godfather piece is trash. It's another attempt to smear the president on the so-called "birther" issue, which was long ago put to rest with the release of his long-form birth certificate.

I won't even link to it because I'd prefer not to give them the pageviews. By putting the link out there, tied to her famous name, Childers gave it gravitas. She helped spread the insanity. That was a mistake.

But here's what Childers did right. She didn't say she agreed with them. She did what journalists do every day in interviews: she asked what other people thought. Look, here is the exact wording of her tweet:

Thoughts? Did Obama Campaign Threaten Chelsea Clinton's Life 2 Keep Parents Silent?

Notice the question marks, folks. She posed this as a question, not fact. And she solicited other people's opinions.

It probably would have been smarter if Childers had read the post and moved on without Tweeting it. But as far as her integrity as a journalist goes, look at the job description. Reporters ask questions. That's the job, folks.

What would you have done in Heather Childers' situation?


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Procr... Procrastamom

What would you have done in Heather Childers' situation?

I'd have gotten a better education in the first place for one.  I'd have realized that the "birther movement" is a racist sham and I'd have asked myself if former President George W. Bush, who is a staunch Republican, would have vetted and passed Barack Obama if he had any inkling that he wasn't born in the U.S. (come on - he would have made some NOISE if he suspected anything!).  I would ask myself if I thought that Obama didn't attend Harvard (another claim from the birther creeps), then why did the Right release that video of him speaking as a student at Harvard and then hugging the controversial professor? I would ask myself why I thought Obama would hold any ill will towards the Clintons.  Bill Clinton has been a huge supporter of President Obama's policies and he's a giant Lefty Liberal.

Fox News-Bots, do you actually breathe when you think? Or is that too much multi-tasking?

Destiny Hall Lewis

Fox News-Bots, do you actually breathe when you think? Or is that too much multi-tasking?

The same argument could be made for those that follow NBC, CNN, and MSNBC... just a thought.

I figure her motives were exactly the same as writers here, and in every other media source. TO CAUSE a raucous. Not her best move, however, she didn't put it out there as gospel. HELLO NBC and the Zimmerman 911 tapes... ;-)

and for the record this was on Twitter NOT broadcast news... I am pretty sure those of us who watch FOXnews, and tend to dislike the current POTA  didn't give this story a second thought.


chigi... chigirl1228

Do people believe this stuff? Thats a better question. If she's going to be asking tough "journalism" questions then she needs to own it. Not cowardly change her twitter settings when she recieves "thoughts" that are critical. If she doesn't like the feedback don't ask tough questions. Just stick to what the teleprompter tells you to say.

nonmember avatar Mary

Using Heather Childers logic that she was merely asking for an opinion, then let me ask thIs Is Heather Childers a child molestor? I'm not saying she molests children, I'm simply soliciting other people's opinions to this question.

Ms. Childers should be ashamed of herself for linking to such a rabid right wing conspiracy article with absolutely no basis in fact. Some of the comments on the site she linked to openly call for the assassination of Obama and a few people tweeted Ms Childs yesterday, stating they have informed the Secret Service about it so Ms. Childers troubles are only just beginning. She is an embarrassment to journalism.

nonmember avatar shellz

Its a reporters job. Leave her alone. In time with a new case on obamasselective service card birth certificate and ss card. Sheriff joe of arizona has obama cornered as he is making it a international case of fraud and forgery. There has even been reported death threats to the sheriff if he dont leave obama alone? Im sure sheriff joe wouldnt lie about a death threat. He apoarently had proof.. I feel either way obana will be brought to justice if he is wrong. The evidence is there. So were is obamas fight back and proof?

RTPCa... RTPCarolina

Wait wait.....Fox News is NOTHING compared to ABC NBC CNN when it comes to lies and spin. This is liberal media strategy to start negative hate towards Romney and Fox and well anything conservative for that matter. You will lose and you will be miserable for 4 years...get used to it.

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