Levi Johnston vs. Sarah Palin: His Latest Shocker Steals Her Thunder ... Again! (VIDEO)

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Sarah PalinPrepare the smelling salts. This liberal blogger is about to admit she kinda sorta feels bad for Sarah Palin today. I know! I know. But wait until you hear what Levi Johnston has done. Again. Just as Palin was invited to co-host the Today show.

Here it was, Palin's big week. It was her big chance to be a member of the lamestream media! And along comes the guy who could have been her son-in-law and steals her thunder all over again.

Palin put in an OK, if not entirely exciting, performance as a guest host on the NBC morning show. But the really big news of the day came from Johnston, whose 20-year-old preschool teacher girlfriend, Sunny Oglesby, is reportedly pregnant. Wait. Didn't he do this before? Get a girl pregnant just as Mrs. Palin was about to stand out in the national spotlight?

I am not kidding when I say I feel bad for Palin. I didn't think she was worth the vice presidential nomination during the 2008 campaign, but it had little to do with Johnston getting her teenage daughter Bristol pregnant right before Sen. John McCain gave her a call. But what did we talk about ad infinitum? That's right: the baby in Bristol's belly and that baby daddy.

Now fast forward four years, and here we are again. Little baby Tripp is a toddler (already!?). Bristol and Levi are long-since done. And Palin had landed herself a gig that actually relates to what she went to college for (journalism, believe it or not). I don't think Palin was an inspired choice for Today to try to win the war for morning viewers, but at least she's become a figure of national prominence based on her own work. Johnston's become well known based on his own ... well, you know. Not exactly equal, folks!

Check out this look at Sarah on the Today show this morning and tell the truth ... do you feel like it's fair that she has to share the spotlight with this dude again?

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Brandt Hardin

I simply can’t believe the Today show lowered itself to these TV Trash standards.  I was never Couric’s fault that Sarah Palin has the education level of a 4th grader and the world knowledge of a hermit crab.  They’re buying into the political circus for ratings and it’s a shame.  Of course, Sarah will do ANYTHING for money and attention.   The dollars will rain down as she gives them another sneak peek at what’s under that dress.  See just how nasty America’s Top MILF will get for the cash at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2011/06/ecstasy-of-sarah-palin_15.html

chigi... chigirl1228

Brandt...you're an idiot. And Levi is a loser. Palin isn't a great politician but she doesn't deserve all this hate.


What did that clip have to do with Levi Johnston? Did you just write this to try and embarrass her because as far as I could tell, I never once heard his name mentioned?

zandh... zandhmom2

Who the heck cares if he once again got another girl pregnant! That has nothing to do with Sarah Palin. You haters just look for something to hate on.  Grown Up and stop acting like the mean girl in school who can't wait to spread gossip about someone else.

TugBo... TugBoatMama

I wish that guy would just go away already. Waste of air. I can't believe I'm defending Palin.


It's such a damn misleading title once again here at The Stir. He wasn't even mentioned.

Todd Vrancic

Brandt, I am tired of you being crass and crude.  If you have nothing constructive to say, please SHUT UP!  It is possible to criticize Ms. Palin without this unnecessary slime.  Please, if you cannot confine yourself to politics and the issues, keep your mouth closed.

bills... billsfan1104

Palin did very well today. Why is it when she does something positive, you have to turn around and try to be negative. I know you hate her guts woth every fiber of your being, but you didnt have to write a snarky, nasty blog just because you couldnt find anything to bitch about her performance.

nonmember avatar Gertie


Dimitria Parisis

Is this Levi's old habit that won't die? It's ironic how careless he seems to be, especially after getting Bristol (Sarah Palin's prized possession) pregnant threw him into such a whirlwind -- but maybe that's where he likes to be. I don't know of any other no-name small town hockey player posing for playgirl just because he got a girl pregnant. If that were the case we'd have a ton of Z-list/naked celebs running around. Oh wait, teen mom. 

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