Priest Who Shows Gay Porn at a First Communion May Have a Confession to Make


priestEveryone's had that moment in life where, no matter how hard they try, they just can't talk their way out of it. You get caught talking crap about your boss -- by your boss. You get caught ditching school -- by your parents. You get caught with a memory stick full of gay porn -- when you're a priest in the middle of a PowerPoint presentation. Wait, what?

It's true. I wouldn't lie to you this close to Easter. A priest giving a presentation to parents (and one 8-year-old kid) before their children's First Communion had a moment just like this when he clicked on a folder on his computer and the screen filled up with images of dudes doing un-Communion like things. Like, you know, having sex and stuff. Aw-kward!

According to one parent, the priest was "visibly shaken and flustered." He quickly pulled the memory stick out of the computer and "gave no explanation or apology to the group, and bolted out of the room," leaving everyone "horrified and distracted." He then returned 20 minutes later, and according to the same parent, "continued with the meeting, and wrapped up by saying that the children get lots of money for their Holy Communion, and should consider giving some of it to the church." The end. 

Well, not really. The priest is now demanding an investigation (an investigation!) "so that what happened can be legitimately explained." He's claiming that other church officials used the stick, so, you know, one of them may have left a pile of gay porn on there ... and he didn't see it until the presentation. Oh, come on, like that's never happened to you?

In my opinion, the priest should drop the whole smoke and mirrors "investigation" nonsense and just get on with his (alleged) gay-porn loving life. It is here that he can be himself. It is here that everyone, save for the parents and one traumatized 8-year-old, can forget about this whole mess, leaving him to a life of peace and anonymity. Getting involved with a bogus investigation will only draw more attention to the situation. And I'm betting he -- and the Catholic Church -- definitely don't want that.

How cray is this?

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nonmember avatar Kate

How was this little boy traumatized? He probably only got a glance for a second, and how were the parents traumatized also? Confused by that, but true to the preist just needing to drop his bs claims lol

nonmember avatar M

Being a supporter of gay rights and at the same time believing in God, I personally think this is funny :)) Just goes to show how hypocritical some people are

nonmember avatar Emily

Geez... if it were me I would have bolted out of there and not gone back in. BUT if the stick is one that is used by other people - then he has the right to an investigation, since he is the one who was humiliated.

jaxmadre jaxmadre

if the stick was used by other people. *snicker*

nonmember avatar Christie

If it wasn't his then he SHOULD want an investigation

femal... femaleMIKE

Lmao. Its possible that it was not his porn.

fraoch fraoch

Last year some guy came to my daughter's school to talk to seniors about the central blood drive, he put a flash drive in to show a powerpoint presentation and it was full o' porn. It was pretty funny all around. He was fired, of course, but they were mostly 18 year olds so people didn't wig too much.

Dana E Armstrong

Another priest that's not sorry, just really sorry they got caught.  I 'm sure his superiors will find a scapegoat and all well be forgotten.  At least it wasn't little boys in the file.

nonmember avatar Gertie

Meh. If it wasn't his files, then he has every reason to be angry and flustered. If it was then he shouldn't lie obviously. Also, taken in context its not that big of a deal to encourage parents to teach their children to share their gifts. The Catholic church does have a lot of worthwhile causes to donate to.

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