Oakland School Shooting Was Tragically Not 'Unprecedented' (VIDEO)

oakland school shootingIt seems surreal to be typing the words "school shooting" yet again, but tragically, yet another deadly school shooting has occurred -- this time at a small Christian university in California. The suspect has already been identified: According to Police Chief Howard Jordan, 43-year-old former student One L. Goh surrendered about an hour after opening fire at Oikos University in Oakland and is now in custody.

At least seven people are dead, with another three wounded. A motive has yet to be found.

Police Chief Jordan called the event an "unprecedented tragedy." "Shocking and senseless," he said. 

Shocking and senseless, indeed. But an unprecedented tragedy? Sadly, only the "tragedy" part is accurate.

Consider the past couple of months: First there was the fatal high school shooting in Chardon. Then the Jewish school shooting in France.

Let's face it: The school shooting "precedent" was set years ago in Columbine. (Let's not forget Virginia Tech.)

When, when, when are we going to figure this out?!?!? Why do school shootings keep happening?

There's enough tragedy in the world without this particularly horrific crime.

Why do you think school shootings keep happening?

Image via CBS News

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SwePea SwePea

Lack of outreach. Lack of access to mental health services.

nonmember avatar Rational Person

School shootings happen because vicious terrorist murderers know schools are packed with unarmed victims.

Procr... Procrastamom

Lack of gun control, period.

Logan... LoganTroyMom

my hs had metal detecters and security officers, incl real cops. and nobody got shot. theyh wanna act like criminals then for safety they need to lock it up like a jail.

britt6 britt6

For those that whine about gun control...You should really do some research before you scream for your rights to be taken away. Our forefathers created the right to bare arms in case our government went bad. If that doesn't tell you much then know this, that Hitler was the first to use gun control. The reason for this was simple. Hitler wanted no opposition when he went in to take out the Jewish community. So go ahead and scream for gun control but don't freak out when you are locked up in some jail or camp for some new bogus call to racism,religious hatred etc.

starr... starreyedcutie

There needs to be a swat team in every school!!!

Ellen523 Ellen523

I don't think this is entirely an issue of gun control but the above reason is NOT why we have the second ammendment privilege of owning guns.  So "you should really do some research" not just read some fear mongering conspiracy theory bs, sorry.  The kids that shot up Columbine abtained their guns from a gun show with ease, due to lack of regulations. 

I think SwePea has a great point.  Those services are extremely important and should be available to everyone regardless of ability to pay.  "Sane" people don't shoot up schools.  Period.  They even ask on your gun permit if you've been in a mental institution or suffer from mental illness...  if you can't afford one and are this crazy, then you get to own one without lying on the application even.  

This tragedy is very sad and along with teaching my daughters about "stranger danger", it looks like teaching them about the random armed gunman may be on the agenda as well :(  

Procr... Procrastamom

That's okay.  I'm not "whining" about gun control.  We have gun control in Canada and as a result, we don't have the need for metal detectors in schools and we certainly don't advocate for SWAT teams in schools (holy shit, SWAT teams in schools???!!!  That is such a foreign idea to me, I cannot even process it).  I can count on one hand how many school shootings there have been in this country in my lifetime and I'm really, really thankful for that.  So no worries, the boogeyman is not coming to take away your precious guns. I was simply pointing out that nobody should be surprised by the regularity of school shootings in the US.  You know what they say about making your bed and lying in it.

(and to the person who used the Hitler defense?  Seriously?  You used Hitler?  That material is covered in Internet 101.  I think you need a refresher course.)

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