Debate: Which Issue Is Most Important to Moms in This Election?

Mother and ChildIn my role as CafeMom's election correspondent, I've talked to many moms from across the country about their thoughts on the nation, politics, and the state of the economy. These women come from different states, ideologies, and backgrounds, but nearly all of them say the same thing:

Politicians aren't listening to moms, and they don't care what they have to say.

The good news? That may be changing.

Moms, particularly the kinds of moms who frequently shop at discount superstores like Walmart (and that makes most of us, right?), are expected to be a pivotal bloc of swing voters in the November election -- and this news has the presidential candidates sitting up and taking notice.

Now that we (finally!) have their attention, our question this week for our team of political bloggers -- and for you -- is this:

What is the single most important election issue for you with regard to your children's future?

Let us know what you think in the comments of this post!

A few months ago, we conducted a CafeMom poll to find out what matters to moms in the upcoming election. We found that overall, moms are more concerned about the economy and job creation right now than they are about their kids' well-being and future opportunities.

The reason for this is pretty obvious. Most of America's families have been hit hard by this recession. Our kids' futures are directly impacted by our current financial situation, and when we're worrying about how we're going to pay for groceries or cover our mortgage, saving for our children's college education has to take a back seat.

Moms also listed affordable, accessible health care as a top priority, as well as education. Foreign policy, which is making headlines lately as the US grapples with how to handle Iran, is pretty low on the list of moms' concerns. We're more concerned right now with what's going on in our backyards than overseas.

So ... do our poll's findings mirror your own

Here's what our political bloggers have to say on the subject:

It's Time to End the Abusive Relationship With Our Government For Our Kids' Sake

What I Want for My Sons: Education & Health Care

I Want My Kids to Live In a Country Where They Can Shoot for the Moon

A Strong Economy Is What Our Children Need

My Family Needs Affordable Health Care


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mustb... mustbeGRACE

Getting Mr. Obama out of the White House.

If he's reelected  the country will be unrecognizable in 4 more years.

Very important.


I agree. Obama has to go. We need a president who will do what we the people want. Not what he thinks is best for us.

I'm the most worried about the economy too. I hope we can hang on to our business.

nonmember avatar Darlene

Homeland security. We need to control our boarders, stop the illegals from entering and stop allowing these squatters to drop there anchor babies on American soil to claim public benefits. The drop in violent crimes alone would be stunning. Public schools across the nation would be in far better shape. The money we waste on education illegals is criminal, and flipping their medical bills is staggering.

Torra... TorranceMom

The most important issues to me are (in order of importance): Abortion, Illegal immigration (both have to stop) and lastly, getting Barack and Mooch out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

texas... texasmamma777

"You have to pass the bill to see what's in it"

This kind of quote from the obama admistration through its drones in the Democrat party is Un-American and un-Constitutional. 

WE the people make up a Constitutional Republic and WE will NOT STAND, nor put up with, this kind of undemocratic, fascistic dictatorship.  Period.

It's important to me that my children, and theirs, and my fellow citizens enjoy the UNIQUE freedom and liberty afforded to every American by our Constitution. 

No other country on earth or in history has ever stood up for human rights like the United States of America.

Although there is a growing number of Americans who appear to be amenable to being told "what to do" and "how to live", core American values still exist among the majority who will not live under tyranny.  Never have, never will.

Deal with it, Leftists. 

May God bless the USA.

Sandra Havran

As mother and grandmother what worrys me most is the healthcare industry and affordability of health insurance for my children and grandchildren.

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