Protective Bear Saves Hiker From Nasty Mountain Lion Attack

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So there's this guy. He was walking in the hills of California. He stopped to stare at some bears. He was all, Those bears, they're really awesome. I love those bears. Look at the mama bear and her cubs. Nature is beautiful. Then the guy went on his merry way. Then a mountain lion showed up. The guy was all, That mountain lion, it's really awes OH MY GOD FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST. Before he knew it, the mountain lion had attacked him and was on top of him, going for the jugular.

Then the bear reappeared, and things got even more interesting. If you've seen Jurassic Park, you actually know how this story ends.

The mama bear that the man had seen earlier had suddenly come to his rescue. Like the T Rex came and ate the raptors before the raptors ate Sam Neill and company, the bear tore the mountain lion off the man's back and the two beasts wrestled for 15 seconds until the mountain lion ran away. At that point, the bear got back down on all fours then stared the man in the eyes, as if to say, I got you, bro.

The near-victim was 69-year-old Robert Gibbs and he claims that the mama bear recognized him from his frequent hikes and wanted to protect him. Biggs walked away from the experience with only some minor cuts and bruises, but if it hadn't been for the bear, things would've been way worse.

Mountain lion attacks are incredibly rare, but mountain lion attacks being broken up by a vigilante bears have got to be even more uncommon. This is one for the record books.

What do you think of this crazy story?


Photo via cbrown1023/Flickr

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lizzi... lizziepickle

All I have to say for this situation is incredible!  Since the bear didn't turn around and attack him, I'm pretty sure she was bent on defending her turf and did not see the frequent hiker as an invader.  I don't think there was any deeper sentiment to this (while to the man saved it might appear so)...and I agree with Charli on this one, still need to be weary of the bear.  It is a wild animal!


Bettina Thorp

And the moral is don't mess with mamma bears....hmmmm there's a few women out there who could chanel their inner mamma bear more often.

venom... venomrose

wow he was lucky!

Teri Emery Webb

The protective mama instincts kicked in and the bear did not want the lion anywhere NEAR her cubs so she attacked the lion. But I have also heard of stories of the wild carnivor helping the human out in situations like this. So its a toss up. Glad the man is ok and yeah it was really cool of the bear.

Mommy... Mommy2Tamara

Amazing story.. Maybe she's saving him for later?

Candy500 Candy500

I believe that if this guy was a frequent visitor, that bear was used to him and gained his trust by this point and did this in his defense! BRAVO MAMMA!

MomLi... MomLily67

The marvels of nature!!!

Jacqueline Thoennes

I think this is great!  The bear actually knew the guy from him hiking so often.  The bear protecting him is awesome.  He should bring the bear a gift of honey or something LOL.

CPN322 CPN322

twinfish63 - couldn't agree more!

nonmember avatar Julz

To the few who said that the man should bring the bear a gift of food.... NO he shouldnt. The bear may be used to hikers but feeding a wild animal is just stupid. The bear may be his "friend" but I dont other hikers would see it that way if a bear came up to them scrounging for food... The best thing he can do for the bear is to do what he has always done and just watch her from a distance and then go on his way.

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