13-Year-Old Charged With Sexually Abusing His Own Mom & Then Killing Her (VIDEO)

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Gretchen Crooks
Gretchen Crooks
When we are little kids, we ask why because we want everything to make sense. But the older I get, the more I'm realizing some things are so disturbing there is no explanation. And in cases like that of Noah Crooks, the 13-year-old who police say tried to sexually abuse his own mother, then shot her to death, I don't think I want an explanation.

Mental health experts are calling the shooting of Gretchen Crooks "out of the norm" for human behavior. Usually when there's sex abuse among kids, they say, it's juvenile on juvenile. And matricide -- mother readers will be happy to know -- remains rare.

Call me crazy, but I think I'm OK leaving it right there. I'm OK with "out of the norm." Why? Well, let's talk about the Noah Crooks case, shall we?

Gretchen Crooks was a 37-year-old mother of two living in Iowa with her husband and son Noah. She was a nurse with a bachelor's degree who was working on her master's degree. That son, Noah, is 13. He's an eighth grader who played the sax and was recently accepted into a college program to learn Chinese.

They sound like a very normal family. Except that police say Noah tried to sexually abuse his mom, then took his .22 caliber gun and shot her before calling 911, calmly (they use the word stoic) announcing that he'd shot her.

If that were "in the norm," folks, what the heck would that say about our country? Really?

I'm not saying I don't want the experts to figure out what happened to this kid and his mom. My heart breaks for the dad here and Gretchen's remaining son; they need answers and closure.

But this is one of those stories in life so disturbing that it's simply impossible to put into the context of everyday life and try to make the answers fit. I think we can bypass why and go straight on to hoping it remains "out of the norm." Here's more on the case if you're curious, including why he's being charged as a juvenile:

What in life have you given up on trying to find the answer to and just accepted that some things will never be explained?


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Sidthe Sidthe

"Except that police say Noah tried to sexually abuse his mom, then took his .22 caliber gun and shot her before calling 911"

Why does a 13 year old have .22 where he can easily access it even the hunters I know wouldn't let their kid have their own guns until they were at least 16 or 17 unless they were actually going for a hunt!

nonmember avatar HS

Why do the "gun safety nuts" always bypass the main point to a story and skip right to the "should've had the gun locked up!". HE TRIED TO SEXUALLY ASSAULT HIS MOTHER! Having a locked gun wouldn't have stopped that and if he had intentions to kill her he was gonna kill her whether with a gun or a pizza cutter from the kitchen. Sheez!! This is a disturbing story and I really am curious as to the boy's motive. What exactly was going through his head? Ugh :(

nonmember avatar lilias

I wouldn't be so quick to pity the dad, there is much, MUCH, more to this story...

Lizzi... LizzieSparrow

I wonder if Iowa has the death penalty? If so, it's unfortunate that they can't put murderers of any age to death. No quarter here---fry this monstrosity. Age is no excuse. There's certainly no reason for it to exist and I definitely don't want it around on the planet taking up more oxygen and other resources. Bye-bye, human excrement.

mamab... mamabunny2010

No f-ing way!! This is one of the most disturbing stories I've ever heard. My mind is boggled by this. A part of me knows that at some point during this little boys life he HAD to have been sexually abused...and probably just as bad, he probably watched his mom being sexually abused, most likely by his own father. How else do you explain this family dynamic. He saw his mother as an easy sex victim, so much so that he was willing to act on it and eventually murder her. D*mn, and I thought I had heard it all! So sad!

Mandago Mandago

I find it hard to believe that this was unprovoked. Children don't sexually molest and then kill their mothers for kicks. I would assume he was sexually abused himself, either at her hands or with her knowledge.

Destiny Hall Lewis

Yeah kids do sometimes... My uncle is one of them. He started out as a nut. He WAS the kid that abused animals and tormented his family and he was NEVER ABUSED. He was born EVIL. He grew up to be a 19 yr old who raped and brutally murdered 2 women, left their bodies on the side of the road, was convicted but only sent. to min. yrs BECAUSE of his age, and mental defect with parole... FF to 1981. He gets out after only 8 yrs, goes back to my grandparents house "secretly" where he stayed, and molested me when I was only 4, and left  in their care without my parents knowing he was even released. 2 days later rapes and murders a 3 rd woman, and next he raped and leaves another for dead. She lived. All be it missing an eye. He is now in jail for life. He had no indications at school. He is a true sociopath, and this kid sounds like one also.

jalaz77 jalaz77

13 y/o accepted into college to study Chinese, he has a gun...I see a few red flags and anything but normal.

suziejax suziejax

majorly sad

grann... grannys567

I t so sad God bless the family!devil

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