George Zimmerman Appears Injury Free in New Police Tape -- So Now What, Haters? (VIDEO)

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George Zimmerman surveillance footageArdent defenders of George Zimmerman have spent the past few days trying to paint the neighborhood watch captain who shot Trayvon Martin as a hero who was only trying to defend himself. But it seems their case is falling apart. Police surveillance footage said to have been taken four hours after the teenager was shot shows a Zimmerman who doesn't appear to have major head injuries. So much for Zimmerman "having" to shoot Trayvon because the hoodie-wearing teen was "bashing his head on the pavement," huh?

What will they come up with next to blame the victim? How much deeper into the sand will Americans bury their heads in an attempt to pretend that racism doesn't exist in America? Where will it end?

We've already read the "creative" descriptions of Trayvon that paint a picture of a hulking beast of a man, a 6'2" football-playing thug facing eeny weeny defenseless lil' George Zimmerman (and his gun), instead of the 160-pound, 6-foot-tall (he gained 2 inches!) 17-year-old described in the official police report. We've seen the photos of the shirtless black kid giving the camera the finger, disseminated across the web with a claim that it had been lifted from Trayvon's Facebook page. It was faked, folks. But it's still being shared on Facebook, pushed along down the river of denial.

We've heard the myriad excuses for Zimmerman's racial slur on the 911 tapes, each more ludicrous than the last. Among the worst I came across online last week: a claim that instead of calling the black teenager a vile epithet, the words "f---ing c--n" was uttered by the 28-year-old Zimmerman in reference to raccoons rifling through trash cans.

So. What's next? Will someone come out of the woodwork to describe the UFO Trayvon summoned with a click of his fingers, and the aliens that controlled Zimmerman's body? Perhaps the Skittles in Trayvon's hands, the candy that was his only defense against a man with a handgun who can be heard on 911 tapes stalking him down the streets of the gated community, will play a role in the next conspiracy theory meant to convince the world that a dead child is to blame for his own death, that there is just no way that a black kid could be racially profiled by a Hispanic man, that racism doesn't exist. Or maybe they'll skip out of that gated community entirely and again spout stories both real and imagined of slights by blacks against whites. Because somehow we're supposed to believe that one horrible, racist act by a black person against a white person makes up for a black teenager being shot by a Hispanic man ... as if it washes out the race "thing."

Trayvon blaming should stop, especially with this new evidence. But sadly, I don't think it will. The more ludicrous the stories told on Zimmerman's behalf, the more evidence we have that race still is and perhaps always will be an issue in America.

People would rather protect the racists than face the fact that they exist because admitting there is racism means asking yourself if you've ever been guilty of it. And the Trayvon blamers are. Big time.

Watch the police footage obtained by ABC and tell us what you see. Does it change anything you've thought about the Trayvon Martin case?

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nonmember avatar Pishtosh

I am not siding with Zimmerman in any way, however I would like to point out that 4 hours is plenty of time to take a damp napkin and wipe up any blood.... Just saying!

nonmember avatar See

i was hoping someone would have said something on here. Bring it on, Texasmama.

Katie Hesney Johnson

From that angle, the way he's walking, etc. it really does not look like he got his head bashed into the pavement. Unless the other side of his face is completely bashed up.....ugh, this story has stunk from the very beginning. 

Mrscj... Mrscjones

I watched the footage on tv not one scratch anywhere on him but he supposedly had his head bash in. People are saying that because he's hispanic it can't be racism but hispanics have dislike black americans just as much as some white people have. I hope that justice is served and they stop taking his name through the mud.

HunniRae HunniRae

His lawyer and a dummy on CNN last night said he got cleaned up. If your nose gets broken u would have atleast some drops of blood on your shirt. They don't clean u up and change ur shirt for u lol. People are so stupid. Also it was said on CNN that his lawyer said the back of his head healed that night so he ended up not needing stitches.. WHAT?! LMAO.. But wasn't his head smashed into the concrete?! How did that heal THAT night? Gtfoh. Horrible defense.

Mrscj... Mrscjones

@Pishtosh you really think if your head is slammed into the pavement all you need is a napkin?

jagam... jagamama0710

Well. Said. I could not agree with you more. Someone else on TheStir (and all those who agreed with her) needs to get a freakin' clue. 

Pishtosh - Uh....if all they had to do was wipe up a little bit of blood and no bandages were required then Trayvon was hardly "bashing his head into the pavement" was he? 


chigi... chigirl1228

I won't hold my breath for jenny erikson's apology article. She's a real piece of work. George Zimmerman is a creep and needs to be in jail whether this was a hate crime or not. He stalked and murdered that boy because of a imaginary story he made up in his own head. And yes I say stalked because in the 911 tape he said he was in the clubhouse watching trayvon walk thru the gate and where trayvon was killed was a couple blocks over proving that trayvon was on his way home. Trayvon was killed a couple of doors down from his dad's house. Of course George Zimmerman's lawyer is going to claim self defense. It's typical blame the victim routine. I agree with you Jeanne and have from the beginning.

nonmember avatar Lord K

Pishtosh - spoken as someone who's never been seriously injured a day in their life.

Even if Zimmerman did clean him self up, somehow to the point where there's not a trace of injury, good police procedures would have been to photograph him with his injuries visible, to, you know, be used as evidence. It's what they're supposed to do when a woman calls the police after experiencing domestic violence. They take photos of her injuries, because, you know, they can kinda sorta heal and thus a record needs to be kept for use as evidence.

I really don't understand why common sense and critical thinking have been in such decline. Wasn't always like this. :(

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