Woman Crosses Runway & Gets Sliced in Two by Plane

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small planeA woman in South Africa made a split second decision this week that ultimately resulted in her being killed -- after being sliced in half by an airplane. Yes, an airplane.

Apparently she and two other woman decided to run across a runway at the airfield in order to retrieve wood at a nearby plantation. Before darting across, they somehow misjudged the time it would take for a small plane approaching the runway to land. The one woman was struck by its wing as she tried to make it across, and was literally cut in two. I know -- pretty gruesome.

OMG. Can you even imagine how horrific that scene must have been for the other two women who made it across? If only their friend had waited a few extra seconds for that plane to land, she'd still be alive today. Why on earth would anyone think they could beat the speed of an incoming plane?

There have been quite a few times where I've almost crossed the street in the city when the walk signal wasn't on, only to hop back up onto the curb at the last minute because I suddenly see a taxi cab coming at me a little too fast. And I'm almost positive that this makes me stick out like a sore thumb with the words, "I'm from Connecticut" stamped on my forehead.

But then I see other people dashing across who miss getting hit by a matter of a few seconds, and I'm always relieved that I chose to wait. I guess this story proves that you can never be too cautious when it comes to staying out of the path of moving objects. Maybe standing out in the crowd as a definite suburban gal isn't so bad after all.

Have you ever almost been hit by a car, plane (!), or something else that moves really fast?


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lucky... luckygirlyo

I live in NYc-was hit by a car running a light. I may be lucky-but I still struggle with pain everyday. I am like a walking PSA for safety. Don't assume your safe "because you have the light".

the4m... the4mutts

I got hit by a car while walking to school when I was 15. Drunk/hungover driver, going 50 in a 35 zone, I was in the crosswalk.

Broke my pelvic bone in 3 places, various road rash, and ripped the skin off my forehead over my left eyebrow.

The truck was a small toyota t-100, and it never ran again.

Jennifer Williams

I almost got hit by a bus in downtown Houston. My coworker pulled me out of the way right in time. Another time I almost got hit by a train in Amsterdam. Again, a coworker saved me. Both times I was yapping and not paying attention.

CPN322 CPN322

I have not, but a friend of mine survived a trip to New York with me in high school only to come home to VA and get hit by some dumbass in a parking lot. Broke her entire leg and now has a medal pole in the bottom part(can not remember the correct name for the bone the pole replaced).

femal... femaleMIKE

I got hit by a car crossing the street. I was on the crosswalk and I had the walk signal.

baby1... baby1love

Got hit several times drinvign never walkking though.

Kenneth Steinkruger

I would have thought that being sliced in half would have killed her. But she was killed AFTER being sliced in half? What was it that killed her?

TAG_u... TAG_ur_it

my son got hit by a car walking home from school a couple of years ago.  he was crossing at a stop sign and the stupid bitch was on her phone yapping, not paying attention.  thank God it was at a 3-way stop and she would have hit a tree had she kept going.  he got knocked down and wasn't hurt. another mom saw it happen, checked on him, stopped the bitch from running off (she wasn't going to stop) and then folowed him home to let me know what happened because he freaked out and didn't want me to know for fear HE would be in trouble.  it was over a month before he felt comfortable walking to school again. you just never know what will happen.  this was in a 25mph zone 2 blocks from school, which i could see from our apartments parking lot. he was less than 50 yards from the front door.   you just can't be too careful.  

Naanpie Naanpie

Yep! all the time in the "windy city". I was actually hit in my lower back as a child. I still have back problems from that. You know, he never got out to check on me. My brother dragged me to the side and the guy kept going. I remember his frown and straw hat.

nonmember avatar Doug

The plane in the picture couldn't have sliced the unfortunate woman in half as the wings are way too high. I suspect that the plane the actually killed her had a low-wing configuration. Stock photos can be so misleading sometimes. Regardless, may she rest in peace.

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