Sailor Surprises Adorable Grandma in Cutest Military Homecoming Yet (VIDEO)

military homecomingWe're suckers for military homecoming videos here on The Stir. Kind of hard not to be. The joy, the excitement, the surprise -- there's no way to possibly be in a bad mood after watching one. But. Military homecoming videos do usually feature the same key players: The person in the military; the person in the military's significant other; the person in the military's kids; the person in the military's parents; and/or the person in the military's pet. You know what we rarely get to see? The person in the military's grandma.

Get out the tissues, friends. What you're about to witness is a military homecoming video of epic adorableness: A sailor named Ellis surprising his grandma on her 76th birthday. Check it out.


Love! Love the cute grandma's reaction, and love the way Ellis casually sneaks into the picture. Too cute. More military homecoming videos with grandmas please!

How cute is this?


Image via porthole1959/YouTube

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