George Zimmerman Is No Racist & Trayvon Martin Is No Martyr

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trayvon martin george zimmermanUnless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the death of Trayvon Martin, the unarmed 17-year-old kid who was shot at close range by George Zimmerman while he was on neighborhood watch duty. The media has had a heyday with this, demanding justice for Trayvon. Even President Obama hopped on the Trayvon train, saying, “… if I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon,” and raising money for his reelection by selling hoodies.

Trayvon was black, so obviously some race-ity racist tea-bagging Sarah Palin fan murdered him in cold blood. The eagerness of some people to jump to conclusions before examining all the evidence never ceases to amaze me. No, Al Sharpton, Trayvon was not killed because he was black. And I’m pretty sure Rush Limbaugh didn’t kill him, despite what MSNBC host Karen Finney says. 

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Trayvon is dead because he was in the middle of bashing some dude’s head on the pavement, and that dude happened to be armed. Trayvon’s death is tragic, and the force Zimmerman used could be debated for days on end, but let’s not pretend that the kid was a martyr and that Zimmerman was a racist. I’m pretty sure that neither Hispanics nor Democrats are allowed to be racists, and George Zimmerman was both.

Trayvon was not an innocent little kid with a colorful bag of skittles. At 17, I’ll still call him a kid, but the guy was a 6’2” football player who was on a 5-day suspension from school for marijuana possession. He was not shot in a predominantly white neighborhood, he was shot in a neighborhood that was 49 percent white. It takes some pretty creative math turn 49 percent into a majority. 

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There’s no reason to believe that Zimmerman was into identity politics. He came from a multicultural family that included Latinos, blacks, and whites. Trayvon went by the Twitter name @NO_LIMIT_NIGGA, and re-tweeted things like, “Hahaha Hoe u got USED fa yo loose ass pussy.! Tighten up.! #Literally” Super classy.

The jury is still out as to whether Zimmerman’s actions were permissible under Florida law, but the media’s capitulation of this story to promote its own agenda is inexcusable. Not everything is about race. Sometimes it’s just a very sad story of a life ended too soon. And maybe a lesson to not bang people’s heads on the ground. It might get you shot.

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jonellg jonellg

Not the normal fluff we are used to seeing on CM

nonmember avatar ele4phant

And Jenny. Obviously, Martin wasn't a perfect, sweet angel. Obviously Zimmerman isn't the anti-Christ. There are shades of grey in everyone. However, Martin had no intention of causing harm, and Zimmerman repeatedly showed poor judgement and escalated the situation (following him, confronting him) that in the end lead to Martin's death. He alone is responsible for this boy's death. If he got beaten by Martin - well Martin had a right to defend himself too and Zimmerman's actions were indisputably threatening. Had he stayed in his car and waited for the cops, as instructed, the kid would still be alive. He should be held accountable for his actions.

Destiny Hall Lewis

Jkm89 NONE of us have ANY idea if Zimmerman followed this kid AFTER being told to backoff. And FURTHERMORE!!!!!!! If you had listened to the actual calls, the SHOTS were NOT recorded by anyone! If we did then we would knowWITHOUT a doubt what actually took place, and so would local authorities. But let me guess. The ENTIRE Sanford police division is racist and involved in a cover up, and SO is Zimmermans FRIEND who ALSO happens to be black and has SPOKEN to Zimmerman who BACKS him 100%...Missed that did ya? I don't disagree Zimmerman should be arrested and punished for involuntary manslaughter given the current facts that he should NEVER have been armed in the first place as am individual serving on neighborhood watch. HOWEVER! This was NOT a HATE crime and the people touting it to be should be punished also. Keep you FACTS STRAIGHT!

BusyM... BusyMom7789

You know what I find annoying people saying that black people use the race cards all the time like discrimination doesn't exist.  It's not the race card.  In some instances race does play a factor the same way that gender does.  You must living under a rock if you don't notice this.  I see it everyday when i read comments by people who uses the N word any chance they get.  Look at the article about the Hunger Games movie when people were leaving racist tweets because oh my God, they were black people in the cast.  Give me a freaking break.

BusyM... BusyMom7789

Another thing to the author I really wish I had your power to see what happen that night.  Just because Zimmerman says Trayvon hit doesn't mean it happen.  How do we know who through the first punch?  How do we know Trayvon wasn't defending himself after being followed?  I guess everyone miss the news today about how the lead investigator didn't believe Zimmerman and recommended that he be charged with manslaughter.

Destiny Hall Lewis

Busymom you might be new here, maybe not, but do yourself a favor and do your own research on the articles written on the stir before you comment. More often than not a TON is left out of what they write. The only person I can honestly say on this site that seems to do her research properly first is Jeanne Sager. PS... I am generally a moderate conservative, and Jeanne is totally a liberal. But I <3 her and respect her work. She doesn't pop off at the mouth before researching.  Manneing on the other hand which is where you gained info from DOES!

Anast... Anastazia975

You really do live in a very messed up twisted little world don't you? You will stick up for anybody that is clearly in the wrong just to see your name on a blog board. Poorly I might add. Its like your common sense and your heart are three sizes to small. Your also a huge reason why I don't visit this part of the site very often at all. Because you completely astound me with your lack of humanity, and your steadfast belief in rumor and innuendo,as opposed to actual fact.

Destiny Hall Lewis

Might help if you looked at ACTUAL facts in this case Anastazia... jus sayin

BusyM... BusyMom7789

@ Destiny I've done my research and I have never said that Zimmerman was in the wrong or not.  I've said since the beginning the reason this case will never be resolve because proper evidence wasn't gather.  Zimmerman clothes, toxicology testing on him, pictures, interviewing witnesses as soon as possible.  I think if these things were done from the start a lot of questions would have been answered,  My comments here is directed to people who always assume without direct knowledge.  The author of this article is assuming that Zimmerman is telling the truth.  No one knows that but Zimmerman and of course Trayvon but he is dead.  And since you seem to know me so well you should know I didn't get this information from Manneing. So maybe you should stop assuming also.

Torra... TorranceMom

If Zimmerman felt like his life was in danger, he was justified in using lethal force. It's called self-preservation.

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