George Zimmerman Is No Racist & Trayvon Martin Is No Martyr

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trayvon martin george zimmermanUnless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the death of Trayvon Martin, the unarmed 17-year-old kid who was shot at close range by George Zimmerman while he was on neighborhood watch duty. The media has had a heyday with this, demanding justice for Trayvon. Even President Obama hopped on the Trayvon train, saying, “… if I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon,” and raising money for his reelection by selling hoodies.

Trayvon was black, so obviously some race-ity racist tea-bagging Sarah Palin fan murdered him in cold blood. The eagerness of some people to jump to conclusions before examining all the evidence never ceases to amaze me. No, Al Sharpton, Trayvon was not killed because he was black. And I’m pretty sure Rush Limbaugh didn’t kill him, despite what MSNBC host Karen Finney says. 

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Trayvon is dead because he was in the middle of bashing some dude’s head on the pavement, and that dude happened to be armed. Trayvon’s death is tragic, and the force Zimmerman used could be debated for days on end, but let’s not pretend that the kid was a martyr and that Zimmerman was a racist. I’m pretty sure that neither Hispanics nor Democrats are allowed to be racists, and George Zimmerman was both.

Trayvon was not an innocent little kid with a colorful bag of skittles. At 17, I’ll still call him a kid, but the guy was a 6’2” football player who was on a 5-day suspension from school for marijuana possession. He was not shot in a predominantly white neighborhood, he was shot in a neighborhood that was 49 percent white. It takes some pretty creative math turn 49 percent into a majority. 

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There’s no reason to believe that Zimmerman was into identity politics. He came from a multicultural family that included Latinos, blacks, and whites. Trayvon went by the Twitter name @NO_LIMIT_NIGGA, and re-tweeted things like, “Hahaha Hoe u got USED fa yo loose ass pussy.! Tighten up.! #Literally” Super classy.

The jury is still out as to whether Zimmerman’s actions were permissible under Florida law, but the media’s capitulation of this story to promote its own agenda is inexcusable. Not everything is about race. Sometimes it’s just a very sad story of a life ended too soon. And maybe a lesson to not bang people’s heads on the ground. It might get you shot.

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scoot... scooteroosMama

I'm torn. Yea, the kid was beating up on him, but he was following him. I'm pretty sure if some guy was stalking my husband in the dark he would probably turn and fight too. So, even if the kid is no saint, and Zimmerman, at that exact  moment the trigger was pulled, was defending himself, he brought it on himself for harassing a kid (against 911 operators commands) for no apparent reason.

Had he seen the kid vandalizing things, breaking into parked cars...anything maybe I could give hime just cause to follow him, but so far nothing points to that.

Lisa Ullon

You know.. I am glad someone finally said this. Why do african americans have to play the race card on every single thing? Its ignorant and quite frankly extremely annoying.

nonmember avatar Courtney

Oh lord, no no no! It does not matter that the kid had been suspended for alleged marijuana(an empty bag), it does not matter if he had a rude twitter handle or made stupid comments. It does not even matter if Zimmerman has multi racial family members. He unfairly stereotyped a young man, followed that unarmed young man, disobeyed ACTUAL law enforcement, and approached Martin. Trayvon had every right to defend himself and George Zimmerman is still a disgusting vigilanty murderer. This is just like dragging a rape victim through the mud and talking about her sexual past like that changes what a rapist.did. Florida police need to stop leaking school discipline records and do their job.

nonmember avatar sigh

Barbara, were you?

Thanks, Jenny. It's about time someone spoke with some common sense.

Boobo... Boobookittt74

If those are facts it won't matter cuz everyone will still make an excuse to have a riot and start looting

nonmember avatar Frank

First of all, Trayvon hadn't played organized football since he was 14 or 15; he was helping with the team's concession stand. Second, what don't you understand about a 100 lb. weight advantage in a struggle by a 28-year old 250 lb. adult against a 140 lb 17-year old minor? The bottom line:

If Zimmerman doesn't finger the kid as up to no good, Trayvon's alive.
If Zimmerman doesn't follow after the kid, Trayvon's alive.
If Zimmerman doesn't ignore the police's advice, Trayvon's alive.
If Zimmerman stayed in his car, Trayvon's alive.
If Zimmerman doesn't confront the kid, Trayvon's alive.
If Zimmerman wasn't carrying a gun, Trayvon's alive.
If Zimmerman doesn't draw his gun on an unarmed kid, Trayvon's alive.
If Zimmerman doesn't pull the gun's trigger, Trayvon's alive.
Only because Zimmerman did all these things is Trayvon dead.

Lesli... Leslie_ABS

It's not the damned race card. The point about this whole story is that a white kid would not have been followed in the neighborhood by George Zimmerman. And if it were a white kid, someone would have been arrested first and then questions would have been asked. They never even booked George Zimmerman. If the situation were reversed and a black man were following a white kid for being suspicious and the kid ended up dead, then you know that black man would be in prison. The statistics support this... do some research. And what would you do if a big guy were following you and you were a 17 year old boy. If you are scared, you act out. Trayvon was scared because this big dude was following him, again, against the advice of dispatch. Zimmerman created this entire situation out of thin air and created the tragedy. 

Kwiat2 Kwiat2

Uh yeah, cause if Zimmerman said his head was bashed in the ground it must be true. If my head was bashed in the ground, I think there'd be more than a little cut and I'd be on an ambulance to the ER.

Also, Zimmerman was stalking this kid because there had been a lot of burglars who happened to be black. So uh yeah, it had been white this wouldn't have happened.

And even if Martin did hurt Zimmerman, he is the one who is defending himself from a huge strange man STALKING him.

You sound like an asshole. No all the truths are not out, and you know what, they may never be. But this in no way is a clear cut self-defense in Zimmerman's favor.

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