George Zimmerman Is An Even Bigger Coward Than We Thought (VIDEO)

trayvon martin george zimmermanI can't think of any possible explanation that would make what George Zimmerman did excusable. But prosecutors' most recent claims make Zimmerman look like even more of a pathetic coward than he did before. Didn't think it was possible, right? Well, get a load of this: Apparently Zimmerman told investigators that after the dispatcher instructed him to stop following Trayvon Martin and he returned to his SUV, he was confronted by the teen -- violently.

According to Zimmerman, Martin asked him "if he had a problem." Zimmerman said no, Martin said something like, "Well, you do now," and hit him in the nose. Then Martin slammed Zimmerman's head into the concrete several times.

That's right, then 17-year-old Trayvon Martin supposedly slammed 28-year-old George Zimmerman's head into the concrete.

His account has been "corroborated" by (unnamed) witnesses. And Florida authorities sure are selling the story as legit. From the Orlando Sentinel:

"With a single punch, Trayvon Martin decked the Neighborhood Watch volunteer who eventually shot and killed the unarmed 17-year-old, then Trayvon climbed on top of George Zimmerman and slammed his head into the sidewalk several times, leaving him bloody and battered, authorities have revealed to the Orlando Sentinel."

Yikes. Are they sure that was Trayvon Martin? Cause it kinda sounds like it was the Incredible Hulk. Not a skinny, "baby-faced" 17-year-old. Cause I don't have specific measurements for Zimmerman, but he doesn't look like a man of small stature. To me. Just saying.

Whew! Well, I guess nobody can blame Zimmerman now.

Except everybody.

What do you think of the prosecutors' latest claims?

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nonmember avatar Carol

What kind of article title is this? Wouldn't a more appropriate title be "Martin was an even bigger thug than we thought" ?

Torra... TorranceMom


Oh Lord. Please tell me you don't own a gun. Rule #1 - Never, ever discharge a firearm into the air. The round fired can just as easily hurt/kill someone on the way down. Didn't you take physics? Rule # 2 - If you pull out a gun with the intention of using it, your life better be in grave danger. When your life is in grave danger, you shoot to kill. If you think that shooting your attacker in the arm or leg is going to win you points with anyone, it won't. Your attacker will most likely take legal action against you and win. Why? If you shot him/her because you wanted to hurt them, your life wasn't in grave danger, was it?

Ed Weaver

The media, in their zest to convict Zimmerman, keep showing a picture of Travon that's over three years old. He didn't weigh 140. He weighed 145 at the start of spring football one year ago. By midseason, he weighed 160 and is almost 6-foot-2. Zimmerman is heavier but that fact is counteracted by the fact that he's out of shape. The liberals also refuse to report that Zimmerman is half hispanic, has in-laws who are black and tutors black (and white and Hispanic) kids for free. Oh, the New York Times referred to him as a "white Hispanic." Pathetic. Do you think that if Zimmerman's kid or any other Hispanic was an 18-year old hot-shot shortstop in the New York Yankees' farm system, ready to take over for America's Shortstop in a year or two, he'd be referred to as a "white Hispanic." Do you think if such a person pulled three kids from a burning building, he'd be referred to as a "white Hispanic"?

N8ive... N8ivedestiny

Give some ppl a little authority and they think they're the damn police *smh* Zimmerman killed a person and took their life. Do the crime, you do the time. That's my own opinion!

bills... billsfan1104

whats scarier now, is that the Black Panthers are trying to raise money to find Zimmerman.  Farrakhan has put a bounty out on Zimmerman.  WHere is the outrage for that??  WHere is the president denouncing the race baiting that is so prevalent??  Where is the president when three black teens set a white boy on fire and beating the crap out of him, because he was white??

mleil... mleilanim

Why is the stir continually showing a 5 year old & 15 year old??? No one believes anything the media says.

BusyM... BusyMom7789

I think the problem that I have with this situation is that the police never took Zimmerman in for any toxicology testing, take his clothes into evidence, or get witness statements to much later.  In any incident regardless if someone is claiming self defense you still gather evidence to either support or dispute the allegations. This case unfortunately is not going anywhere because of sloppy police work from the beginning.  I try not to rush to judge but the simple fact is someone drop the ball here.


BusyM... BusyMom7789

Another that's bothering me is that people keeping bringing up the fact that Zimmerman has black friends and he mentored black children. On the 911 call you heard him called Trayvon a expletive c**n. If Zimmerman had done what the operator told him to do this wouldn't have happen. I don't want some neighborhood captain with a concealed weapon in my area shooting whenever he feels "threaten". I don't care how big or smaller each individual were. How do we know that Zimmerman didn't approach Trayvon, and Trayvon was being physical because he felt like his life was being threaten. These so called eyewitness did not see the whole exchange. This is making me sick.

texas... texasmamma777

Is there a "magic pill" or something that people can take that prevents them from passing judgment before all the facts are in?

count... countrygirl670



"Where is the president when three black teens set a white boy on fire and beating the crap out of him, because he was white??"

And the police are looking for those teens to arrest them.  In 2009, a 15 year old black boy in Missouri was set on fire by two white teens.  Those teens were also arrested.  Further, in 2006 a black man shot and killed a white teen who came to his home late at night with 4 of his friends and threatened to rape the man's wife and harm his 20 year old son.  THAT black man was sent to prison (though his sentence was commuted last year).  In both of those cases, the offenders were arrested.  Unlike Zimmerman. In neither of those cases were the suspects half-assed questioned by police officers who just took their word as to what happened and then let them go on home.

I'm not sure why you expect a President to comment on a crime just because the people involved are different races.  This case drew nation's attention (and consequently, the President's) primarily due to the police officers' failure to adequately gather evidence and investigate the killing of this child.  And in spite of the fact that he was 6' 2" and about 145 lbs (that's a pretty slight build for a boy), he was still just a child of 17.

billsfan, you need to stop race-baiting.  



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