Opinionated Grocery Store Ghost Caught on Camera (VIDEO)

ghost in grocery store

There's a supermarket in Australia that's serving up a bit of the supernatural. Owner Norm Hurst has released video of Fruit Roll Ups flying, inexplicably, from the shelves at random times, both day and night, in his IGA store. The sugary sweets have been found on the floor in aisle three, when they're usually in aisle two, about 19 feet away -- dun Dun DUN! The security cameras have actually caught the boxes being invisibly hurled through the air. No one can really explain what's happening, but there is, of course, a grocery store ghost theory.


In 1998, a boxer was shot and killed in front of the store, so some people are hypothesizing that he's the phantom behind the flying Fruit Roll Ups. I don't know what the cause is, but if a ghost is indeed behind the leaping boxes, then as a store owner, I'd get rid of all the Fruit Roll Ups in the place. Clearly the spirit isn't a fan.

Watch the clip and tell me what you think. Real? Fake? Scary? Funny?


Photo via Sunriseon7/YouTube

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