Rick Santorum's Creepy 'Obamaville' Spot Isn't Serious ... Right? (VIDEO)


obamavilleI've gotta hand it to Rick Santorum. You can't say the guy isn't trying. Dude's been pulling out all the stops in the GOP campaign. He's determined to be the super-duper conservative (often nonsensical) answer to Obama, Mitt Romney, and everybody in between.

And it's kind of working. I mean, he's doing way better in the polls than anyone thought he would. People are actually taking this man seriously. Well, they were. They totally won't be after seeing his hilarious new "Obamaville" ad spot in which he tries to scare the bejeezus out of all of us. No, really. The ad has haunted house-esque music, ravens flying about, creepy painting of old ladies, and of course, the face of Ahmadinejad ... which becomes the face of Barack Obama. Muah-ah-ah-ah-ah!

Are you scared? Are you shakin' in your boots? Are you wondering if Ahmadinejad really is Obama? Are you wondering if the man who held the gas nozzle to his head actually pulled the trigger? Oh, how does it all end?! Talk about a cliffhanger! Damn you, Rick and your Hollywood trickery!

Look, we all know that all political ads are downright absurd, but so far this year, I'm gonna have to say, this one takes the cake. It's ridiculous. It's like Santorum is parodying himself. Except that he's not. He's just being himself. And, honestly, that's the scariest thing of all. With or without an eerie soundtrack and a raven.

What do you think of the Obamaville ad?


Image via Rick Santorum/YouTube

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texas... texasmamma777

It's awesome & gutsy. 

Many readers here will have no clue what "Hoovervilles" were (nor be aware of who "Rod Serling" was, for that matter -- lol!).  I doubt if the revisionist history books used in today's textbooks reference "Hoovervilles", since the shanty towns were emblems of failed government policies.

Autum... Autumnleaves87

I thought that was great. Actually a very well produced video, very interesting cinematography. Love the scary music.

But as far as the message... Meh. It's been done. Scare tactics don't phase me. But that's why I'm not a republican:)

Am curious as to where this was playing, though. Would like to see some sources.

nonmember avatar weliv

If they really wanted to terrify people, they'd show an image of Santorum in the White House!

nonmember avatar Graciesmom

The ad doesn't shock me at all - to be expected. @texasmamma I am so impressed u know abt hooversvilles. Be assured that history books still cover the great depression. You may want to give them a look-see. I think you need to brush up on the fact that it was a government policy, the New Deal, and Democratic leadership that gave Hooverville residents hope and opportunity to work and move to perm housing. Look at the whole picture - not just the bits and pieces that fit your aggenda

nonmember avatar jeff

Good video, this represents how conservatives feel about Obama. To most conservatives judges and presidents not obeying the constitution are traitors.

nonmember avatar Sandi

While Obama needs to be doing more about this, blaming him for gas prices is like blaming the democrats for Rick Santorum. The GOP are the puppets of big oil.

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