Who's Responsible for Our High Gas Prices?

Gas PumpGas prices are pretty much out of control right now, and they're expected to go up even more in the coming months, possibly topping $5 per gallon by summer.

A recent Gallup poll finds that 85 percent of Americans believe that President Obama and Congress "should take immediate actions to try to control the rising price of gas."

And with gas prices so closely tied to bigger national issues like foreign policy, energy, and our nation's economic recovery, we knew this would be a perfect topic for our political bloggers to discuss this week.

Specifically, who's to blame for the high gas prices? And what role does the President have in setting them?

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GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich knows gas prices are important to Americans -- he recently made it a central part of his campaign, pledging that if he's elected, he'll reduce gas prices to $2.50 per gallon.

And according to CBS news, Mitt Romney is calling for the firing of the Environmental Protection Agency administrator as well as the energy and interior secretaries, calling them the "gas-hike trio."

Most experts agree, though, that the president and Congress can't do a whole lot to bring down gas prices, at least in the short term. Those prices are linked to the price of oil, which has gone up worldwide.

Still, many Americans are looking for someone to blame in their own backyard, from the President to the Federal Reserve. It's easy to understand why -- I have many friends who commute an hour or more into town each day and the high price of gas is really eating into their paycheck. They're struggling to pay their bills as it is -- factor in a gas bill that runs as high as $1,000 per month and you suddenly have a crisis situation.

Personally, with a family of six and a large SUV that can fit everyone, I find myself thinking a lot more about where I'm driving and whether I really need to make the trip. Spending $85 on a fill-up will do that to you!

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