Fetuses Found in Luggage at Miami Airport -- Someone Has Some Explaining to Do

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jarI'm not sure what was more shocking. The fact that customs agents discovered two human fetuses in jars in luggage at the Miami International Airport? Or the fact that the women who brought these bizarre packages into the US aren't in any trouble.

Really, folks, carrying around fetuses is legal? That's ... well, it's creepy, for one. And it's so mysterious that I just can't leave it at that!

According to media reports, the fetuses, one male and one female, were determined to have been stillborn -- they were never viable. So at least we can write foul play and the abortion debate off the list of what ifs. But here's where it gets really iffy: the fetuses were also not the product of either of the women's wombs (one woman was in ther 60s, the other in her 70s). In fact, customs agents are taking the word of the Cuban-American women -- who were coming back into the country after a trip to Havana -- that they didn't even know what they had packed in their bags.

The ladies said they'd picked up the jars from a Santeria priest back in Cuba, who had asked them to make a delivery to someone here in the states. Hmm. OK. But still. Human fetuses, people. In jars! Being trafficked internationally! By people who didn't have any connection to them!

I don't mean to be culturally insensitive, but I think it's also worth nothing that Santeria is a religion known for its use of animal sacrifices in its rituals. Cuban-Americans who practice Santeria have even gained permission to do so here in the United States. Considering it was a Santeria priest in Havana who sent these fetuses over to the states, your mind can do a little jumping, and connect the possible dots here, folks.

Maybe it's because I am a mother, but I can't just nod and say, OK, no harm no foul here because the customs agents didn't find a broken law. What about the people who created these fetuses? Didn't they bury them? Maybe in Cuba they gave permission for a hospital to take care of disposition of the body ... but something tells me they weren't thinking they'd land in the hands of some priest who would then hand them off to a stranger for a trip in a jar to America.

It's too strange to me to think stillborn babies would simply end in jars, in the luggage of some strangers, on a plane. I'm thinking they were stolen from a hospital or even, I hate to say this, maybe from a cemetery? Ugh. Honestly, I'm shuddering here. Literally! Even if the women aren't charged, someone has to explain what's going on here!

Can you just let this lie? What do you think should be done here?


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Sammy... SammyMama

Holy crap, dude, you can't even take your own placenta out of the freaking hospital in most states without a fight!  How is it legal to transport undisclosed (much less unidentified) fetuses across borders?!  Not saying they should charge those ladies, just can't believe that's considered above-board.

Water... Water_geM

my first thought was it has something to do with something superstitious either religion or medicine.

the4m... the4mutts

I am kind of a freak, and would love to be able to examine things in jars. Yes, even stillborns. They facinate me in a purely scientific type manner.

No harm, no foul. No broken laws. So even if its offensive to your sensibilities, why should anything be done to them?

texas... texasmamma777

The majority of commenters on these threads are rabidly pro-abortion, as evidenced by the many lively discussions here over the past several weeks.  From the Komen/Planned Parenthood story, the Virginia ultra-sound story, and the story of obama's power-grab of trying to force Catholics into doing something they don't believe in, and other stories, the topics of fetuses and abortion have come up numerous times.

After reading many of the pro-aborts' comments, I can't  imagine that the prospect of fetuses preserved in jars, no matter where they end up, would bother them much.

the4m... the4mutts

Texasmamma- I'm staunchly pro-life except in the extreme cases of life saving circumstances, and rape/incest of an underage girl.

And, I agreed with 90% of your contraceptive arguments.

I find your comment to be extremely off the topic at hand.

There is much to learn from corpses, including stillbirths. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with a scienific curiosity, or even a slightly morbid one.

Now, where these fetuses end up, nobody knows yet aparently. But simply having a fetus in a jar, doesn't make you against life, against babies, or a pro-obama.

I personaly find the comparison of my opinion, to the pro-obama camp, to be the most offensive part of your comment.

nonmember avatar Fondue

Oh, Texasmamma, get off your holier-than-thou high horse.

And the correct term is "pro-choice." Pro-choice means that whether one agrees with abortion or not, they do not try to force their values and beliefs on others.

texas... texasmamma777

4mutts, don't misunderstand, my comments were not directed to you in any way, shape or form and I was not trying to make a comparison of your opinion to any one else's.  I was making a general comment.  If I intend a comment to someone specifically, I always include their name in my post.  And I agree with you about scientific curiosity and knowledge to be gleaned from the study of the dead.

Part of my point was that I was curious to see the reaction of many of those who think it's perfectly acceptable, for example, that Planned Parenthood performs an abortion roughly every 90 seconds.  The crowd who is desensitized and seeks to desensitize others to the aborted babies' plights by constantly referring to them as a "clump of cells" or "just a fetus".

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