President Obama Is Not a Superhero

Up, up, and away!There is no question that the Obama documentary is a 17-minute commercial. It is intended to garner more votes for the upcoming election in November. Anyone denying that would be wrong. Still, the video is very persuasive.

The documentary highlights the best facts, adds emotion, has a great theme, and overall tells a compelling story about our President and all that he has accomplished in his first term.

It is compelling for sure.  

The story it tells, however, is about the President, his administration, and all that he has accomplished in his first term. It's not about a superhero that saved the world from the disaster that it was in when he was elected.

Because if you wanted everything to be fixed in four years, you should have voted for the superhero that was on your ticket. 

Oh yeah, that's right. There was NO superhero on the ticket!


Only a superhero could have fixed everything. Only a superhero could have balanced out the deficit, created jobs for everyone, and erased our mortgage crisis in less than four years. 

So now that we have established that President Obama is not a superhero, let's go over just SOME of the facts that are indisputable that have been portrayed in the video.

  1. We found Osama Bin Laden.
  2. More jobs were created.
  3. Race to the Top was enacted to ensure that school children in 45+ states receive a better education. 
  4. If it turns out you or someone you love or know gets very sick, his or her insurance coverage cannot be suspended. 
  5. We brought home our troops.  

These stand out not because there were the only five accomplishments of our president, but because those accomplishments were my most important issues when I voted for him in 2008.  

As I look back on the last four years, I am proud and hopeful. I am proud of what my President has accomplished and also hopeful of what he will be able to do if he is reelected and has four more years to work. With four more years in the White House, I believe that "yes [he] can" give us the change we need.

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