Casey Anthony Is Getting Baptized to Be Closer to Caylee (VIDEO)

casey anthony baptizedBetter late than never? That may be Casey Anthony's motto. The 26-year-old who was acquitted of the murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee is reportedly looking for God -- an "insider" told Radar that Casey wants to get baptized. She's looking to ensure her own salvation so that when she dies, she's reunited with Caylee in heaven. All well and good, I guess, but, um, why would Casey believe she wasn't going to heaven?

Is it because she, uh, she may have done something really, really unforgivable, you know, other than, uh, not being immersed in Holy water? Maybe she immersed someone else in water? Maybe that's the problem?


Looks like the blonde bob, the nose ring, and the alleged plastic surgery weren't enough of a fresh start for Casey -- guess she's looking for a higher power than Clairol. Interesting.

It's obviously unclear what Casey's real motivations are, but she's not the first person to turn to God when things get hairy. Murderers and rapists convert all the time when they're in trouble.

So I'm not saying this is another sign of her guilt and her guilty conscience, but it dooooes sort of come across that way. But who knows? Maybe she's just looking for a fresh start and thinks that a baptism is a good place to begin. And truthfully, I don't think anyone could say that there's something wrong with redemption and forgiveness. Perhaps Casey's intentions are pure.

While I take the baptism news with a healthy dose of skepticism, I guess part of me wants to believe that "Tot Mom" wants something better for her life and actually desires to start down a brand new, cleansed path. That'll all be shot to hell, along with Casey's soul, if she sells the video rights to her baptism, so we'll have to wait and see how, or if, she tries to capitalize off her initiation.

Until then, Godspeed.

Do you think Casey's baptism is a sign of her "guilt" or do you think her intentions are pure?

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