Amazing Mom Pulls Daughter Right Out Of Bloodthirsty Shark’s Mouth!

SharksNeed a reason to feel better about the fact that you're not on vacation swimming off the coast of Florida right now? Chances are you won't be attacked by a shark today! Sadly 15-year-old Sydney Levy can't say the same thing. But wait ... there's good news!

When the shark pulled her daughter underwater, Sydney's mother, Valeh Levy, wasn't going to let her go without a fight. She fought the hungry sea beast off. Twice. Seriously? That's it. Any further attempts to be bravest woman in America for the year 2012 should be called off now. Valeh Levy gets the prize!


I know there's probably someone sitting there huffing and saying, "Of course she fought a shark. She's the kid's mother; what else was she going to do?" And as a woman who has spawned myself, I'm not going to disagree. We members of the procreating posse are pretty badass.

But I think it does a bit of a disservice to Levy's chuztpah to put it all down to motherhood. This woman actually reached into the water, twice, and pulled someone else out of a shark's mouth. She faced a challenge head on, and she kicked ass at it. That's not something everyone can do, good mother or not.

Some people can handle pressure. Some people melt into a shivering pool faster than a teenage girl when Robert Pattinson walks into the room. It's the genetic make-up that separates someone who decides to become, say, a soldier or a fireman from someone who says, "Eh, you know what? I couldn't handle that, I'm going to stay right here in my office, thank you very much!"

One isn't more important than the other in society, per se, but as one of the wussy ones, I'm going to tell you right now I am thankful every day that there are people with more courage than me. They keep the world running. They're the type of people you want on the surfboard beside you when Jaws swims up and puts his powerful chompers around your leg and starts pulling.

You don't want a "me." You want a Valeh Levy!

When have you pulled a Valeh Levy? Think you could do the same in face of a shark?


Image via USFWS/Flickr

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