Trayvon Martin 911 Calls Reveal More Disturbing Details About His Killing (VIDEO)

trayvon martinWe were shocked to hear about the killing of unarmed Florida teen Trayvon Martin. How could the admitted shooter, George Zimmerman, not even be arrested? Friday police released the eight chilling 911 calls made about Trayvon Martin's killing to his family. Their lawyer, Natalie Jackson, says they could hear the teen begging for his life after the first shot. No parent should ever have to listen to that.

Trayvon also made a call just before he died. He told a friend that a man was "watching him." His friend told him to run. But she says Zimmerman confronted Trayvon, Trayvon asked him why he was following him, and then the cellphone was dropped. Every last detail about this case gets worse than the one before. Listen to George Zimmerman's conversation with the 911 dispatcher. It's shocking.


Listen to George Zimmerman's 911 call to police.

Apparently, several residents called 911 to report that they'd heard gunshots and a man crying out. Trayvon's parents and the public had been told that those cries were from Zimmerman, but listening to the calls it was clear -- those cries came from their son.

Did you hear how Trayvon's parents learned how he was killed? According to Sandra Rose, his father reported Trayvon missing and the police showed up at his home with a photo of their slain son, still bloody from his killing, in the morgue. "Is this your son?" Are you f$%&ing kidding me?!?

This should not be happening. A teenager armed only with Skittles and iced tea should not get shot for walking around a neighborhood. It sure seems to me that Zimmerman should have been arrested. He should still be locked up and he should have been charged with something by now. This entire story is so upside-down I'm in shock. So I'm relieved to hear that the FBI and Department of Justice are investigating the killing. There is also a grand jury investigation underway. Finally. Maybe we will see some justice after all.

Are you shocked by how the Trayvon Martin killing was handled up to this point?


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