The Obama Documentary Tells the Truth About Our President

It’s no secret that I love my President. President Obama’s accomplishments have been unrecognized by many who simply want to sully his name. His opponents are more interested in defeating him than helping Americans. And so the divide grows, turning America into a red and blue chasm.

Obama’s opponents are slow to give him credit but easily place blame. They have a lot of lies to tell and even more hateful words. But there is no denying that our President has had a positive impact on our country.

Let us not underestimate what Obama has accomplished. Do the following names ring a bell?

These are all examples of Obama's work. Obama has affected change in all facets of Americans' lives -- the economy, the auto industry, health care, student loans, air quality, children's health, education, foreign relations. The list continues. To say this President has done more harm than good is simply false and spoken with more emotional rhetoric than hard facts.

The Obama campaign’s recent 17-minute documentary style film will be quick to be called propaganda by some. I see it as a truthful depiction of his accomplishments.

His naysayers will not embrace or applaud what he has done, even if those actions help them. The dissenting opinion is against the man, not his actions, and no amount of storytelling will change that. I appreciate that the film is shot with a cast of characters speaking directly to the camera and not a series of speech sound bites woven together to spin a tale.

The film is professional without being glitzy. I can appreciate the difficult, and sometimes unpopular, decisions that our President has made. The film opened my eyes to his contributions, not just his character.

When I watched the short film I found myself in awe at what our President has done in his first term, despite the climate in which he took office. The film gives kudos to a presidency worth applauding, but the message will be lost on those audiences whose opinions need to be swayed. And that is simply unfortunate.

This post is part of a weekly conversation with our 5 Moms Matter 2012 political bloggers.  To see the original question and what the other writers have to say, read The Road We've Traveled': What Do You Think of Obama's New Video?

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nonmember avatar Dad

@jasmineg86 - Not that it really matters, but I'll give your challenge a shot. HERE WE GO - In your words it's "limiting my access to legal activities...", it my words it's "asking responsible tax paying citizens to absorb the cost of your desire to not be personally responsible for your own self". Abortion and birth control are social issues rooted in the ability to PAY for them by the seeker, (disregarding the legality of abortion) however, demanding that they be covered "for free" by insurance companies means the insurance companies will raise premiums on EVERYONE they cover in order to absorb that cost - simply put: you wanting these things "for free" means that you are indirectly asking everyone else to pay for them. I refuse to debate the legality of abortions, but I will say this: IF WOMEN WANT TO GET AN ABORTION, THAT IS THEIR CHOICE, BUT THEY SHOULD BE PREPARED TO ACCEPT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF PAYING FOR THEM. If woment want birth control, FOR WHATEVER REASON, that is their choice, but they should be prepared to accept the responsibility of paying for it (to whatever degree WITH OR WITHOUT insurance).


Roe vs Wade will never be overturned. There are also many people who don't believe in abortion or gay marriage. Not all of us believe that way and it shouldn't be in politics to begin with but this election it's gotten way out of hand. Why do you think McCain told everyone to knock it off last week and get on with what's important for the American people? I think the major problem with most of us is the "free" aspect of it. I certainly don't want to pay for anyone to have an abortion or their birth control. If you want one I think it's fine but you can pay for it yourself. It's also NOT all the candidates. Santorum is the one who's beating this to death. None of the other candidates are talking about these personal issues.

nonmember avatar Dad

---continued--- As far as marriage goes (I'm assuming you are referring to any marraige other than 1 man & 1 woman), that is a social issue based on personal choice and lifestyle. It is NOT (nor should it have EVER been) a FEDERAL issue. It *should* be a STATE issue accoriding to the 10th ammendment. In fact, just about every single issue of this nature is something that the Federal Government was not created to govern. The conservative view SHOULD be that the federal government has no place doing anything without express consent given in the Constitution, and only Ron Paul has the record to stand on in this regard. ANYWAY - you said that " for a party commited to less government, it's confusing to see so many so riled up to have the govt tell me what I'm NOT going to do." - in response I can only say this: I don't think you are completely "right" or "wrong", but I do believe that we can at least agree that the conservative candidates should STAY AWAY from giving opinions on social issues like this. Ron Paul, despite how cooky he seems, is the only candidate who truly would lead the country according to the Constitution, which is IN MY HUMBLE OPINION, something I think we could all agree is desperately needed. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the money or charisma to ever get elected.

nonmember avatar Dad

MOVING ON, as for my opinion on this article goes, I'm going to assume this was written as political humor and satire, with no intention of being a piece of "journalism" which the author intended to be taken seriously...

Loref... Lorefield

Obama is the Anti-Christ?

Lady, have you heard the garbage spewing from the mouths of the Republicans? I think any woman who actually supports those goons is a million times more evil.

Procr... Procrastamom

Another great article Ilina.  It's funny that people who are calling you brainwashed seem to get most of their soundbites from the Hannity/Limbaugh/Fox-bots.  You can tell by the way they throw around words like "Marxist, Socialist, Treason (TREASON?!!  Not even going there today)"  Anyways, I cross my fingers and hope that the right-leaning women that post here are in the minority (I agree with you too, Lorefield.  I can't even relate to almost any of their views, not even a little bit).  I get the feeling that the 2010 by-election was a big wakeup call for Democrats and I doubt they'll be fooled again. Obama/Biden in a landslide this time!

(typical caveat:  Yes, I'm Canadian.  Yes, thank god I can't vote.  Yes, I care because it affects me too. Yes, we have the internet in Canada.  Yes, there are other sites I could visit.  Yes, I'm allowed to post here too.  No, I won't go away.)

Autum... Autumnleaves87

"Anti christ", "poppycock","brainwashed"... I'm so glad I don't have to associate myself with a party that spews such STUPID rhetoric. Antichrist??? Really? That is hilarious!!! Goes to show the complete lack of intelligence coming from the republicans on this blog.

"Dads" response in short: limited freedoms = anyone different from myself (women, gays, the poor, ect) given any oppurtunity to do what i do offends me!!!!!!!!!

The republicans always cry "less government" until it has to do with anyone other than themselves. Which is why a "women republican" is so crazy to me. How could anyone associate themselves with a party that is literally doing anything they can to deny women thier rights??? Overstepping thier "small government" by forcing RIDICULOUS procedures, like a transvaginal ultrasound on a women making a decision to terminate her pregnancy, they are AGAINST requiring insurance companies to cover a womans basic healthcare, and all this talk about defunding Planned Parenthood, who service over 3 million women (and men) every year, providing basic sexual healthcare and family planning needs.

I will NEVER be associated with a party who flat out deny women basic rights. Trust me jasmimeg86. No one will ever be able to explain that bs away. far as the article goes, I may not agree with everything this administration has done, but I love my president too:)

Autum... Autumnleaves87

Not to mention all the time, money, and energy WASTED by the republicans trying to enforce thier stupid ideologies. Just go back to your small government... And stay away from women's rights!!

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