'The Road We've Traveled': What Do You Think of Obama's New Video?

The Road We've TraveledThe Obama campaign is tapping its Hollywood support system to appeal once again to voters.

Thursday night, the campaign released a 17-minute documentary video called "The Road We've Traveled," about President Obama's first term.

Narrated by Tom Hanks and directed by Davis Guggenheim (Oscar-winning director of An Inconvenient Truth), it paints a picture of a nation mired in a terrible recession -- and a president making "tough decisions" to try and turn it around.

We've asked our team of political bloggers this week to watch the video and tell us whether they believe this portrayal of Obama's first term is a realistic version of events.

See it for yourself ... and read what critics and reporters are saying ... after the jump.


First, the video:

Here are some media reactions to the video:

This 17-minute re-election ad, “The Road We’ve Traveled,” that hit the Web on Thursday evening isn’t telling voters that everything is rosy after three years of the Obama presidency. Instead, it suggests that it could all have been so much worse.

The New York Times

The film immediately caused a stir among Republicans, who wasted no time mocking it. The Republican National Committee emailed reporters a parody poster ridiculing the documentary, and GOP leaders say the video leaves many false impressions.

US News & World Report

Although it has been artfully referred to as a documentary, it is, of course, a piece of propaganda. Perhaps less pejoratively, let’s tweak that word and call “The Road We’ve Traveled” what it mostly is: docu-ganda.

The Washington Post

In a separate piece, The Washington Post took issue with a story in the video about Barack Obama's mother, who died of ovarian cancer. Regarding that story, reporter Glenn Kessler wrote: "The series of words and images is an excellent example of how such films can create a misleading impression, while skirting as close as possible to the edge of falsehood."

Politifact had a problem with the video's claim that "17 million kids can no longer be denied for a pre-existing condition." According to Politifact: We found problems with both the number of children affected by this provision and by how that number is used.

It seems clear that the video is basically a very well-produced campaign ad, designed to appeal in particular to Obama's supporters.

See what our Moms Matter 2012 political bloggers have to say:

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What do you think of the video?



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