Obama Can't Run on Record, Falls Back on Lame Blame Game

President Obama, oval office
"The buck stops here." That is, evidently, a teachable moment that President Obama failed to learn at Harvard. He can't be held responsible for anything, you see. It's all somebody else's fault, as evidenced by his latest campaign ad disguised as a "documentary." I'm a little annoyed that the President has stolen my idea; for years I've conveniently deflected personal responsibility for things by saying "I blame cramps." Of course I'm not, you know, the President of the United States. And forgetting to pay the cable bill is a tad different than destroying the economy.


This "documentary" is breathlessly narrated by Tom Hanks. Davis Guggenheim, the director of An Inconvenient Truth, was also involved, which makes sense. He needed to draw from his vast experience as a lie-pusher and spinner of make-believe tales. Like Hollywood, this campaign ad 'documentary' is full of glitz and smoke and mirrors with little truth. Just one example: A blatant lie about GM having paid back the government in full. They have not. That's a real 'inconvenient truth' for you. But, hey, what's a little $25 billion lie?

See, President Obama can't run on his record nor any alleged accomplishments achieved in office. So, he falls back on his 2008 campaign strategy. Because, Bush. And cult of personality. Here's a little tip for Obama from one of the "bitter clingers" -- Bush ain't running. Nor is Sarah Palin, the focus of another campaign ad released recently. No, really. He focuses on Sarah Palin all while neglecting to mention his own term in office for the majority of the ad's time. Way to try to milk 2008, champ!

What President Obama fails to realize is that fewer and fewer people are falling for this nonsense. And more and more people realize that they were better off under President Bush and that the real trouble started when Democrats, including then-Senator Obama, won a majority in both Houses. What President Obama really "inherited" was himself. And America is paying the price.

No amount of glitzy, full of spin "documentaries" will change that. People are hurting more than they were when Obama took office. Grown-ups understand that constant blame games are absurd and at some point one must take responsibility of their own actions. Unemployment is higher. Gas prices keep going up and show no signs of stopping. Huh. Funny how there is no flashback to one aspect of the 2008 campaign wherein Obama said he wanted gas prices to rise

People are also starting to see the devastating effects of President Obama's one alleged achievement, the passage of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare (although he and his supporters don't care for it being called that. Wonder why they don't want his name associated with it?). Even Politico now admits that it isn't quite like President Obama falsely claimed. Many, many people will not be able to 'keep their plan, if they like their plan' as more and more employers will simply pay the nominal fine and drop their insurance.

Costs are going up, not down. Math is hard to President Obama, but it's not hard to simple rubes like a mom from SC. We understand that the more stuff you mandate be covered, the higher premiums will go. We didn't need to pass the bill, to know what was in the bill. It wasn't, as was claimed, that we did not understand all the nuance-y nuance that was the awesomeness of Obama. We knew it was garbage in theory and in practice and we are being proved correct.

On the plus side, this is all Obama has on which to run; blame games and an attempted repeat of 2008. There is a major difference between now and 2008, though. Obama will be vetted this time. And we, the people, have seen him in action (or inaction). Unlike Hollywood, we live in the real world and we don't like what we see.

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