Kidnapped Boy Found After 8 Years Makes Miracles Feel Possible (VIDEO)

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Krystle Rochelle Tanner
Krystle Rochelle Tanner
Need some good news today? This should fit the bill: Miguel Antonio Morin, a baby boy kidnapped eight years ago, is being returned to his mother this week in Texas. Woohoo!! Miracles do exist!

And that's not some overblown rhetoric. There have been some crazy hurdles that this family has had to overcome. Auboni Champion-Morin hasn't seen her son since he was 8 months old when he and then-18-year-old babysitter Krystle Rochelle Tanner went missing under mysterious circumstances. That was back in 2004. Then in 2006, cops told her it was a "cold case" that they were closing! There was one shot in a million that mother and son would be reunited, but she kept praying.

Of course she did. She's a mother (of five!). That's what we do. We don't give up on our kids even under the worst of circumstances. But it's hard. Especially when time passes, and the obstacles seem too great. When you read story after story about unspeakable tragedies and kidnapped kids found dead years later or, almost as bad, never found, I wonder how many of these parents lose their faith and throw in the towel.

That's why we need stories like this one or a Jaycee Dugard. There are horrors behind them that we can't quite ignore, but it's the happy ending powers us forward. They allow us to say "hey, it could happen" instead of despairing.

Champion-Morin's prayers or karma or something worked out here. Calls to CPS about Tanner allegedly neglecting "her" kids in a town 150 miles away from Champion-Morin's home in Houston prompted an investigation last summer. And somehow, even though Miguel had been removed from the national missing children list, they finally managed to trace him back to his real mom. She's being DNA tested just to be safe, but they expect to reunite the two this week, while Tanner sits her sorry behind in jail.

Champion-Morin has a pretty incredible take on this. She isn't freaking. Instead she told Dr. Drew that the woman who took her son will "get hers in the end." Check it out, and tell us, could you be this calm? Would the good stories power you forward or just blind faith as a mom?

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Jessie Baade

She's amazing. I guess you have to walk emotional baby steps in a situation like that or you would lose your mind. I want to know why that other girl felt the need to grab the kid to begin with.

2Swee... 2SweetMayGirls

8 years is a very, extremely long time!!! She never lost faith, and that is what amazes me the most. To be that calm, well thats just unbelievable!! God was defintely with this woman and her child, altho separated, he had them both in his arms. Love that they are going to be reunited, he deserves his mother and she definitely deserves her son. Very powerful and lovely story!!! :)

Lilit... Lilith825

Why was her son removed from the missing childrens list?! I've seen posters for kids who have been missing for decades. This kid was only missing for 8 years. I hate to pull the race card . . . but?! Seriously, why? And the case went cold after just 2 years? This story didn't make national headlines and I BET if it had the kidnapper would have been found MUCH faster! It's not like they were far or hiding well.

Jennie May

My thoughts exactly Lilith825! These missing persons cases do not seem to be handled in a consistent manner. People really need to take these situations into their own hands, as far as advertising the missing child, it seems. Disturbing. Glad to see the child home with his family.

nonmember avatar Bob

prayer, or karma, or something? sheesh just give it a break author ok? some things you just have to accept. maybe it was dumb luck. or maybe it was just a guardian angel. i mean really, you took this woman's specific faith and trashed it to push your own subjective perspective on life. give her a break!

Tina Lee

Can someone tell me what happened to the "babysitter" and what she had to say about the "missing" boy if they knew where she wa this whole time??

Melissa Kerns

its amazing that she is able to connect with her baby again. and this is one of the reasons i dont have sitters.. you cant trust anyone anymore its just sad... and for the sitter to not ever enjoy the love of a child enough to not neglect him makes it worse.. Glad hes home. :) enjoy the catch up momma.

nonmember avatar krysten

@teena lee, the baby sitter was "missing" too from the beggining of the story but at the end of the story it says shes in jail.

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