Senate GOP Budget Proposal Is a Fiscal Conservative’s Dream

rand paul
Rand Paul
Kentucky Senator Rand Paul
has introduced a federal budget for the 2013 fiscal year. “A Platform To Revitalize America,” introduced with co-sponsors Senators Jim DeMint and Mike Lee, would eliminate the deficit within five years and is supported by all 47 Senate Republicans.

Reminder: It’s been over a thousand days since the Senate Democrats have passed a budget, and President Obama’s proposed budget would add almost a trillion dollars to our debt next year alone. And it doesn’t even make an attempt at reforming Social Security or Medicare, which are horribly broken and riddled with riddled with fraud. 

So how did the Republicans balance the budget inside of half a decade? With real, honest to goodness spending cuts. First out the door is unnecessary bureaucracy – say ‘buh-bye’ to the Departments of Commerce, Education (Pell grants to be preserved), Housing and Urban Development, and Energy. It also repeals Obamacare and Dodd-Frank, privatizes the TSA, opens ANWR for oil drilling and permits the Keystone XL Pipeline project.

Instead of raising taxes to increase revenue (which never works, by the way), this plan proposes a 17 percent flat tax for individuals and corporations. It fixes Social Security for the next 75 years and preserves Medicare. Foreign aid spending would be capped at $5 billion a year, federal lands would be sold off, and government ownership of ‘bailout’ companies would be liquidated.

There are many other sound provisions that you can read about here, if you’re so inclined.

I’m getting a tear in my eye just thinking about it! Fiscal sanity. The boom that would take place by allowing individuals and corporations to keep more of their own money to spend and invest as they saw fit would create so many jobs that ex-government employees would have no trouble finding work.

Just think -- we might be free to make our purchasing decisions, like whether or not to buy health insurance, or to negotiate directly with our doctors for treatment. The cost of gas would go down! Bank fees would go down!

Sorry, got carried away there for a minute.

Senator DeMint sums my feelings on the mater: 

This budget shows we can stop the debt crisis, improve our economy, expand freedom, and secure the future for our children and grandchildren.

Our kids don’t deserve to be weighted down with debt that our generation is creating because no one on Capitol Hill has figured out what we mamas know – how to live within our means. We do it every day, and now the Senate Republicans have done it too. Now it would be nice if the Democrats could cooperate in the name of bipartisanship and compromise

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Procr... Procrastamom

Instead of raising taxes to increase revenue (which never works, by the way)

Jenny, why do you continually cite sources that link to your own articles?  You are entitled to your own opinions.  You are not entitled to your own facts.

say ‘buh-bye’ to the Departments of Commerce, Education (Pell grants to be preserved), Housing and Urban Development, and Energy.

Only Republicans would take on the job crisis by cutting more jobs.

And as to your beloved Keystone Pipeline....the construction of that pipeline would create about 20,000 temporary construction jobs while it was being built.  You know how many permanent jobs it creates?  Approximately 35 people would be required full-time to maintain and oversee the pipeline.  In a year you've created -19965 jobs (that's a negative, not a hyphen).

orang... orangetree

Bank fees would go down? Gas fees would go down? What planet do you live on?

nonmember avatar Cookie

I especially liked this line in Senator Paul's proposal. "Economists and tax accountants will agree that businesses don’t pay taxes, people pay taxes." How does this fit into Republicans "corporations are people" rhetoric? Cause I'm confused.

Trans... Transcender

Jenny is a cheerleader for the Tea Party movement. Sen. Jim DeMint is a founder and supporter of that movement and so is Rand Paul. Here's a little background on Rand Paul: He is not board certified in his field of medicine, so he created his own board. Yes, that's right folks. It's a fake board which has his family members as board members. That's how he received his "board certification".  Next, Republicans don't want to pay taxes, period. They don't want to pay through business or their personal incomes. They want YOU  to pay taxes. Look   at corporate taxes paid through the 1950's and 1960's, and 1970's. You'll see a tremendous change in the 1980's and since. Those Reagan years. You'll see that the wealthiest Republicans have fought very hard not to pay taxes, yet they want to tell US how to live our lives and who we can love. They are trying to fight by lying to the American public, stating all of this rhetoric of 'we-are-the-ones-who dare-you-to-compromise-with-us, through people like Jenny.

starl... starlight1968

So how did the Republicans balance the budget inside of half a decade? With real, honest to goodness spending cuts. First out the door is unnecessary bureaucracy – say ‘buh-bye’ to the Departments of Commerce, Education (Pell grants to be preserved), Housing and Urban Development, and Energy.....


Seriously you think it's a great idea to get rid of these??  Sure lets cut out Healt/Human serv., and the like too!!  OMG those people need to live a YEAR in my shoes and let me there's bet I could do a better job than them and they'd die living mine....

dreab... dreabug23

This budget proposal will not 'revitalize' America, it will destroy it. Medicare will be privatized, qualifying for Social Security will be extremely difficult and nearly every program that helps children and the poor will be wiped out. Is this the way to go? I don't think so! Most Americans have been pushed to the brink already. Taking away what little assistance they have will make it impossible for millions if Anerican families to hold it together.

One interesting note, the Department of Defense's budget is untouched in this plan. War is good for the pocketbook ......if you're rich.

miche... micheledo

Sure there are things that will be cut that we don't want cut.  But that is what happens when you are in debt.  You go WITHOUT!!  Many of us have done that in our own homes.  You figure something out.  You make it work.

If the government won't provide for people that are in need then churches and organizations will step up and help.  Neighbors will help each other, people will have gardens in their front yards again, and maybe obesity will no longer be a problem in our nation! :D   (I say that because when money was super tight for our family and I was spending $40 a week on groceries and gas in the tank for our family of 4 - my husband and I both lost weight!!)

bills... billsfan1104

Its at least a start. A start to debate and change things. Its a lot better than what the democrats are putting foward, which is nothing.

Flori... Floridamom96

The Democrats aren't putting anything forward, as evidenced by their representatives here. Complain, complain, complain, but offer none of your own ideas. Isn't it interesting that the things that define America for the left are all the entitlement programs that create government dependency. Removing government dependency will somehow destroy America? And since procrastamom seems to have such a difficult time grasping facts, the Keystone pipeline will provide jobs and also lower gas prices which benefits everyone. Are you seriously going to raise a stink about temprorary construction jobs provided through the private sector? I assume then that you were just as vocal in your disapproval of all the "shovel ready jobs" Obama created along with the millions of jobs he "created or saved". You know, those jobs that never existed or were so few they cost an exorbitant amount of money? You can find links to back up my claims here, here, and here.  

tinyp... tinypossum

For expample: If you eliminate HUD, who will enforce Fair Housing laws and ensure that there is affordable housing for low-income people? I live in the DC area, and if you make minimum wage you are SOL to find a decent place to live here. The market doesn't give a shit about you. There are enough people making big money to be able to continually fill up market rate housing. The ones who are working low wage jobs (you know, the kind that us college educated snobs don't want but that the Republicans think we need more of) don't have a prayer at finding a decent place to live. HUD not only enforces regulations that ensure that people are not discriminated against but also that housing is affordable for poor people and that there accessible places for people with disabilities to live.

The free-market doesn't care about these people because there aren't enough of them to affect their bottom line. Are they not worthy of a decent, safe, accessible place to live just because they are poor? I'd really like to know how Conservatives think these folks, who they openly pander to and try to encourage to remain poor and under employed, are going to make it in a world without regulation and enforcement of laws that protect those with the least power in society?

Can any of you give me a non smart-ass, non-snarky answer to this?? 

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