Solar Storm Creates Magical Must-See Aurora Borealis (VIDEO)


aurora borealisThe giant solar flare may be wreaking havoc on your life, but there's one shining silver lining in this galactic mayhem: The aurora borealis, an incredible light show that you can see as far south as Seattle, Washington! Usually the "Northern Lights" are only visible much farther, well, north. But this solar storm is so crazy, you can see it farther south than usual. What a cool treat for all of you in the Pacific Northwest!

And thanks to all the people who took video, we can watch the lights, too. Do yourself a favor and check these out -- what a magical way to start your Thursday. It's just breathtaking.

This time-lapse video was taken by Greg Johnson -- we found it at Oregon's Hang in there -- the show starts around 12:30 a.m. You just never see that crazy neon green in nature very often, and definitely not in the sky!

The magic didn't just show up in the Pacific Northwest, either. Check out the lights from Michigan -- incredible!

I want this for my desktop wallpaper! If you want to see something really far-out and crazy, check out the photos on They have images of the lights from Murmansk, Russia. And check out these images from Finland -- spectacular!

Okay, from here your day can go one of two different ways. You can either feel like it's all downhill from here because what could possibly top these images? Or you could take these images and carry them around with you in your mind all day. I'm going with the latter. Have an aurora borealis kind of day!

Have you ever seen the Northern Lights in person?


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nonmember avatar Mike M

I haven't seen the aurora borealis in person. I have seen a couple other time-lapse videos of it, though. is one I like (I also like "The Mountain" from the same person though there are no images of the aurora in it), and there are also a number of videos of the aurora from the International Space Station on YouTube...

miche... micheledo

I saw them once, as a student in college.  Absolutely breathtaking!!  I would love to see them again.

nonmember avatar Carol

Yes, I saw them once, but they only lastest about 5 minutes once I started watching. I live in Minneapolis.

Phil Chapman

We have Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) about every 3 nights here. Ours are far more spectacular than these videos, but all due respect to them. I got home at 2 AM Saturday and I had to wake up my wife - the entire sky was sit up and it was directly over our home (well, about 200 m up). Common colours are yellow, blue and green. But they are BRIGHT, and once they lasted for 15 minutes.

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