Sue Simmons Fired? What the BLEEP Are You Doing, NBC? (VIDEO)

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Sue SimmonsIt's not shocking that the old boys at NBC let ever popular and highly regarded local news anchor Sue Simmons go from the network. If you live outside of NYC, you probably know Sue for her infamous "What the f**k are you doing?" comment while on air four years ago, that resulted in over two million YouTube hits. But that's not why they are letting her go at the same time they are keeping her longtime co-anchor Chuck Scarborough for another three years and breaking up a three-decades-long dream team, a media institution. 

The network hasn't given a reason for her firing, but this is broadcast news, after all, and if you ever watched the movie Broadcast News, you would understand that network news and gender sexism goes hand in hand. (Total digression, but did you ever notice that an aging Chuck Scarborough looks an awful lot like actor William Hurt in that movie, who got "promoted" to high ranking news spots based on his looks alone? Is this a coincidence? I think not.)

What's hard to get is that if they are going by looks alone, there's no contest. Sue Simmons looks way younger than Chuck. In fact, Sue looks exactly the same as she did when she started in this biz three decades ago.

Sue Simmons looks for 68 years old. I actually almost fell to the floor when I read that was her age. Those network execs must be totally blind. Not that looks should matter so much in news, but it does, and Sue is still one hot chick. She's just as spunky and New York as she's always been. On the other hand, Chuck Scarborough, who is obviously still handsome, has definitely assumed the role of dapper grandpa.

No one should worry about Sue Simmons landing on her feet. She is smart, talented, a media powerhouse who could spin this change into a million different directions. But if she decides to hang up the news gig, I would not discourage her from trying something lighter and more fun like writing an anti-aging, beauty secrets book. That's news I would definitely like to know.

Did you miss Sue's famous on-air blunder? It's classic:

Network news people seem to think we only want to watch young and perky people -- does that really matter to you as a viewer?


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banan... banana-bear

Omg! I'm dying here!!!! I watched this on YouTube and the top comment has me rolling!!! "Parking my boat, BITCH" Aaaahahahahaha!!!!

bills... billsfan1104

I couldnt see the comments banana, but that made me laugh, what you said.

George Headden

If Sue Simmons Leaves NBC I am also leaving and taking all of my actifist friends....

nonmember avatar Kathy

She's such a loyal employee and has always shown class on television. There has to be something wrong with this picture for dropping the F Bomb once in 30 years is not grounds for firing. Seems that is discriminatory.

nonmember avatar Sneaky Chef

In thinking about this again, I think the audio guy should have been the one fired, not Sue Simmons! We have the right to say what we want off-air, and she thought she was!

Marsha Wechsler

U good ol boys. U have done it again. The woman gets canned but the man stays on. Well bully for you. I've been watching NBC less and less these days. Now I won't watch it at all. Good for u

Andrew J Crawford

She sounds like a real treat to work with. I can’t imagine what could have precipitated her dismissal. I didn’t like either of them. To me they were just two more examples of American MediaOcrity, which furthered unjustified war, denial of healthcare and the overall decline of american society. On the other hand, I have no doubt that her replacement will prove to be even more distinctively unexceptional.

nonmember avatar Audrey Reevey

Once again in this country, what is tried and true , just doesn't seem to work for the good ole boys. Sue is beautiful, classy and intelligent! What the FUCK is wrong with YOU?

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