Super Tuesday's Winners: Ann Romney & American Women

Mitt and Ann Romney
Ah, Super Tuesday! Or Stupor Tuesday, as Joseph Curl at The Washington Times cleverly called it. Nothing really unexpected happened, except that the swing state of Ohio was super close -- Governor Mitt Romney eked out a win by only a razor thin margin. Romney also picked up Virginia (not surprising, as Gingrich and Santorum didn't make it onto the ballot), Vermont, and his home state of Massachusetts. Speaker Gingrich, of course, won his home state of Georgia. Santorum picked up Tennessee, Oklahoma, and North Dakota.

So, this means the 'front-runner' still only has about 300 delegates out of the 1,144 needed to pick up the nomination, which indicates that the primary race will continue into the summer. Over 700 delegates are still up for grabs in May or later. Sigh. Ah, the law of unintended consequences at play.


As Jonah Goldberg pointed out, switching from the old "winner take all" system to a proportional delegate system didn't really have the "we'll totally energize the base like the Democrats did in 2008" expected result for a number of reasons and may actually end up hurting our eventual nominee. A drawn-out primary process means more negativity and aids President Obama. Live and learn, GOP. 

The GOP can also learn from Ann Romney, the only clear winner last night. 

In her speech last night, she actually acknowledged that women are thinking beings who are concerned with more than just their girly bits, as the Democrats would have you believe. And then she said the following“Do you know what women care about? ... Women care about jobs. Women care about the economy. They care about their children and they care about the debt.”

Amen, sister!

Ann Romney is pushing back against the absurd and exploitative Democrat false narrative, encouraged by President Obama, about a "War on Women." The real war is perpetrated by those who believe that women are the sum of their girly bits only and who seek to keep women victims, feeding them lie after lie (while degrading women who dare stray from their plantation) in order to make them remain dependent and thus easily controlled.

She refuses to submit to the manufactured outrage and outright lies, unlike some of the Presidential candidates. Alas, it's too late to run Ann Romney but her husband's campaign -- and the GOP as a whole -- would be wise to have her speak often. 

As for the race itself, it's just a waiting game for me now. I'm with Andrew Breitbart who, during one of his last speeches before his untimely and tragic death, said the following at CPAC: "I will march behind whoever our candidate is because there are two paths. One is America. The other is Occupy." The other is also the path that will continue to use and exploit women for their own political end. 

I reject that path. And Super Tuesday was just a little detour leading to that final road that I will choose.

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