Rush Limbaugh Apologized for Slut Comment ... Now Get Over It

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rush limbaughLast week, Sandra Fluke testified in a congressional hearing that taxpayers should be required to buy birth control for college students, because apparently the financial ability to spend $50,000 a year for law school doesn’t translate to being able to afford a $9 a month prescription from Walmart. Seriously? That’s the cost of two lattes from Starbucks.

Sensationalist radio personality Rush Limbaugh then asked a rhetorical question on his program in which he inquired as to what one would call a girl who gets paid to have sex:

What does it say about the college coed Susan Fluke ... who goes before a Congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex? What does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex.

And then the liberals went nuts. Because Rush is a meanie and he obviously hates womyn! Sure, it was a poor choice of words, but he had a legitimate point. What do you call someone that wants his or her sex life subsidized? Maybe entitled, spoiled child would be a better choice of words. 

Rush has since apologized for using the derogatory term, but the liberal feminist that freely chose to attend a school that declines to offer birth control and then complained about it declined to accept it. What more does she want than an apology from an incredibly powerful and influential man? An engraving on a gold plate?

Rush said something inappropriate, and he apologized for it. It should be over, but liberals are still fuming and denouncing him. Maybe they should denounce slut walks before getting their panties in a bunch over a political commentator using the same word so many of them wear with pride. Or what about backlash for Bill Maher calling Sarah Palin (a working mom!) the c-word?

Why is it ok for liberals to call conservative women horrible names, but the media world comes to a standstill when a conservative does the same thing? Where is the consistency? Why is Rush Limbaugh evil, but Keith Olbermann, who called conservative columnist Michelle Malkin a “big mashed up bag of meat with lipstick,” is admired and held in high regard? 

Either it’s ok to call women names or it’s not. Pick one. Then maybe we can get back to some real issues, like why some people think being forced to buy their own $9 a month birth control amounts to female subjugation. 


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PonyC... PonyChaser

HAHAHAH, Bills.... They come on a post about how Rush is soooo evil for calling names, and then call you an "Asshat"!!! But the left aren't hypocrites, really! It's totally different!!

Anast... Anastazia975

@billsfan, Do you just attract the nutters or what sweetie? Lol. Wow. Even when we have gone toe to toe hard I don't think we have ever called each other names. Some peoples children.

Now for the issue at hand. For me, I'm pissed this man still gets to keep his job. He has made countless remarks that are anti woman, and just flat out wrong on so many levels. He has said that women that were raped deserved it, asked for it. He has said women don't belong in the work force. And now this. Funny, Imus said one off color thing and wham! I have seen other "talents" lose their jobs because of comments that were rude and crass, yet he keeps his. And he is a hypocrite and a liar. He just needs to go off the air, and back to rehab. When I had to take BC, it certainly did not cost $9 with my insurance. And my ex got Viagra for $5. And where I live 90 minutes is a long ass drive, for a PP. Meds should be equal on the insurance coverage. But I say lets start with meds for mental illness first. JMO.

And seriously people, back off with the name calling for no reason at all. It makes you look like an idiot. And loses your message.

Tippi... Tippi2112

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I wish we could move on from this whole issue.  I manage a physician practice and we have patients who have insurance and require life saving drugs that they cannot afford because their portion is 1000.00+.  There are ways to prevent pregnancy besides prescriptions ie condoms, the r ythm method or abstinence (unheard of, I know). There is nothing else these patients can do to get better.  If insurance is required to provide birth control those of us who pay for insurance end up paying for it by the increase in our premiums.  If this is the case then they need to provide my anti wrinkle cream so I don't get wrinkles, or sunscreen so I don't get cancer or imodium so I don't get the runs.  Really the list goes on.  Let it go people and lets focus on the real issues here!

bills... billsfan1104

Hi anastazia sweetie!!!  How are you???  Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts for my friends dear son.  I appreciate it and so did she.  She is having a real hard time.

With that being said, I dont know why I am attracking them.  I dont personally attack them, but they seem to gleefully do it to me.  You are so right, Pony, such hypocrites. 

Loref... Lorefield

Jenny, people might "get over it" if Rush (and YOU) stopped spreding misinformation. 

She did not testify asking for taxpayers to pay for college kids (or anyone's) birth control! Her testimony is available online, so you have no excuse for your ignorance, besides a desire to believe outright lies.

nonmember avatar JustMe

Quote: From Anon "Hormone treatment for medical purposes does not = BC" So how long have you been a practicing OB/GYN or Endocrnologist? Because I actually DO take BC pills for a Hormone Disorder TYVM (really calling me a liar?) This is not ancedotal this is MY LIFE, and if they pay for my Dad's blood Pressure meds, why not cover meds that prevent and treat other illnesses?

nonmember avatar confused

i am amazed at the amount of false information surrounding this story! its about private INSURANCE PREMIUMS, not tax dollars! its about a MEDICATION, not sex (i am one of the millions of women who use bcp for hormonal help, not contraception). and for all those folks out there screaming about not wanting their tax dollars to go towards "someone having sex" *gasp!*, i guess you're against maternity leave. 'cause what is maternity leave if not "paying for someone to have sex"?

Tippi... Tippi2112

Oh yeah....I  forgot BC can help some medical conditions such as ovarian cysts, heavy cycles, out of control hormones etc well so can heating pads, midol, a glass of wine and there is a new medication that is not birth control called Lysteda and it is covered by insurance.  I have suffered from all of these conditions and whend I needed bc for whatever reason I paid what I was required!  End of story people not everyone is entitled to everything!!!  Obama keep your nose out of insurance (a little to late for that I know) unless you are going to fight for the gammit of insurance failures such as chemo drugs that cancer patients cannot afford or that insuarnce does not cover!

Caela... CaelanOceanamom

And for anyone who thinks this is about religious freedom; wrong again. This is not about religious freedom; that again is an excuse to treat women as second class citizens. Private insurance companies need to cover women's health; whoever the employer is. Freedom of religion is not about forcing your beliefs on others; which is what the church employers are doing. Freedom of religion means you get to practice freely without fear of being harmed; let's not loose focus of that.

nonmember avatar Anon

Why does everyone keep going on about the cost of BC? It has nothing to do with cost. If hormone therapy is needed for a medical reason, it should be covered the same as, e.g., blood pressure meds. If it's prescribed for BC, it should be handled like getting a tattoo or hair removal. My laser eye surgery was not covered by insurance; I paid $4K for it. If I whine that there needs to be a federal mandate to cover it, what is the answer? It only cost someone else $400? Or, suck it up because my choice was not medically necessary? Does the fact that I paid more than some mean that I am entitled to insurance coverage? No. It's a recreational drug and should not be mandatorily covered unless it's to fix a medical problem.

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