Rush Limbaugh's Loathsome Sandra Fluke Tirades Could Cost Him More Than Advertisers

rush limbaughRush Limbaugh's vitirol directed at Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown law student who testified about federal coverage of birth control, just won't quit. Even as advertisers have faced protests from both sides of the aisle and pulled out from sponsoring his show, the radio host has continued to perpetuate the asinine assertion that Fluke's testimony revolved around her having "so much sex" that she needs the government to pay for her contraceptives.

Seems pretty safe to assume from his nonstop drivel that the man a.) doesn't understand how birth control pills work (hey, Rush, you don't just take one pill per sexual episode, like you one might erectile dysfunction drugs!) and b.) doesn't understand that Fluke's focus in her testimony was on painful or even reproductive health-threatening conditions that can be helped with oral contraceptives.

The good news: It's looking more and more like he's going to have to pay for his incredible ignorance and vile words.

By continuing to verbally attack Fluke, Rush appears to be digging his grave deeper and deeper.  Even though the cowardly Republican candidates have refused to come out swinging against Rush's attacks, their campaign strategists could implore them to distance themselves from him, or else lose a significant amount of independent and female votes. And if the candidates keep Rush at an arm's length, his ratings could take a hit. What's even more, he's setting himself up for what could become a major legal mess.

Yesterday, Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) mentioned a lawsuit against Limbaugh. She said, "We will be filing a slander suit against Rush Limbaugh. What he's really trying to do is silence a young woman. It's unfair, it's un-American." Fluke herself seems on the fence about taking legal action. She told The Daily Beast:

I've certainly been told I might have a case, but it’s not something I’ve made any decisions about at this point.

If she does decide to file, Fluke's status as a private citizen makes her entitled to stronger protection against slander than someone who lives their life very much in the public eye. So, there's a strong chance she could beat him big time.

It would be fitting and fantastic to see Fluke and/or Maloney take the next step and file the lawsuit against Rush. The top Republicans may not be willing to stand up to him, but it's clear someone has to. What better way to do that then taking him down in court? Rush has always flirted with the line, but this time he's more than crossed it. It's time for him to pay.

Do you think Sandra Fluke should sue Rush Limbaugh for slander? At the very least, doesn't he owe Fluke and all women an apology?

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nonmember avatar cali59

First of all, this woman mis-represented herself; she's a 30-yrs old women activist. Secondly, if she spends $3k on birthcontrol pills, there'ssomething wrongwith her.
Walmart sells them for $9 per month; what Limbaugh simplystated was that she should be embarrassed testifying before congress about her sexual activities.
$3k appears to be a lot to prevent a pregnancy; and yes, if I were her parents i would feel shame.
Limbaugh did not say anything offensive; it's just that the left tries to make a big deal out of it as usual.

nonmember avatar Tiffany

Billsfan you are wrong about what slander is. You do not have to prove that he has affected her ability to make money--look it up. Slander is the communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government, or nation a negative image. Why do you think celebrities win suits against the tabloid rags on occasion? Get a clue Billsfan. Even if you disagree with Ms. Fluke, she doesn't deserve to be defamed and disparraged. You know that isn't right.

bills... billsfan1104

Rush apologized. Let it go. Ed schultz apologized and i all i heard was that he apologized, so let it go.

Sweet... Sweet_Carol_126

I think that Sandra Fluke should sue for defamation of character.  He called her a prostitute and said she sold sex for money and called her a slut.   She was testifying about a friend who had to take birth control drugs for a problem with an ovaryr cysts that were eiher pre-cancerous or cancerous and the birth control pills were prescribed for the condition and it was expensive  to pay for and was excluded from prescription drugs.   Even if she chose to use birth control herself it would not make hera prostitute or that getting free medications would mean she took money for sex.  Limbaugh said he;d like to watch. So who is he deviant?  Limbaugh should apologize to all women.  Many of us have taken birth control medications and it does not mean hat women are sluts or prostitutes.  I had extreme periods and birth controls got them under control.  His comments were totally inappropriate.

Allis... AllisonWD

Wait..did I just read that comment correctly? I should be ashamed/embarrassed for my sexual activities? I LOVE having sex. No shame here. I would tell Rush all about it if he asked. Just for the hell of it sex. I doubt my parents would be embarrassed, probably because I was raised to not think sex was "dirty" but more of a beautiful thing. So I say have all the sex you want. I know I will. I didn't realize this was about limiting sexual activities. Furthermore, depending on conditions, one can only take certain kinds of birth control. It can get very expensive. (Then again, so is having a child. Conundrum!)

Edward Gee

Gloria has got to be at least whispering to herself, "MG, what have I wrought!" John Lennon proved prescient when he said the WL's movement really freed men. Now women are crying they can't have sex because they can't afford it... Tough sh*t...

Yolie Scott

I hope she sues him for his vile, filthy language - no woman should be insulted in that manner, especially over the air waves. The SOB Rush Limbaugh needs to be fired. If you want to send an email to Clear Channel who employs the scumbag here is the address:

CaraK... CaraKonaCoast

JABBA The RUSH is an Oxycodone withdrawal caricature whose daily signature projectile hate speech compels intelligent thoughtful people to conclude that he's rabid, ignorant, lunatic blowhard whose rancid opinions and manic reptilian theatrics suggest that his IQ and shoe size are the same number. Al Franken's incisive and amusing book title says it all: RUSH LIMBAUGH IS A BIG FAT IDIOT!         

Littl... LittleFrogsMA

For those of you questioning her estimate of $3000 over three years, please keep in mind the following.

1.  Not all birth control pills are interchangeable.  Some women can't take certain ones.   For example, I don't do well on most hormonal birth control pills and really have had to stick to one specific type.

2.   Some women need a new pack every 3 weeks, instead of 4 weeks, because their doctor's recommend skipping the 7 'reminder' pills.  There are a variety of medical reasons for this.  I am one of these people.  Women who do this will have to buy 16 packs instead of 13.

3.  My pills cost $68 a pack over the counter.

4.  16 packs at $68 a pack is....$1088 a year.

5.   Birth control pills are generally not prescribed without a cervical exam, a pregnancy test and possibly other tests.  If insurance doesn't pay for the visit to do this, that could be $200/month out of "?

?Her estiminate of $3000 for three years is perfectly reasonable

Venae Venae

As someone pointed out about all this "filthy language" directed at the meeker sex - Obama gladly accepted a $1 million donation from Bill Maher who delights in calling Sarah Palin a cunt.  Sounds like someone approves of THAT language.

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