Rush Limbaugh's Loathsome Sandra Fluke Tirades Could Cost Him More Than Advertisers

rush limbaughRush Limbaugh's vitirol directed at Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown law student who testified about federal coverage of birth control, just won't quit. Even as advertisers have faced protests from both sides of the aisle and pulled out from sponsoring his show, the radio host has continued to perpetuate the asinine assertion that Fluke's testimony revolved around her having "so much sex" that she needs the government to pay for her contraceptives.

Seems pretty safe to assume from his nonstop drivel that the man a.) doesn't understand how birth control pills work (hey, Rush, you don't just take one pill per sexual episode, like you one might erectile dysfunction drugs!) and b.) doesn't understand that Fluke's focus in her testimony was on painful or even reproductive health-threatening conditions that can be helped with oral contraceptives.

The good news: It's looking more and more like he's going to have to pay for his incredible ignorance and vile words.

By continuing to verbally attack Fluke, Rush appears to be digging his grave deeper and deeper.  Even though the cowardly Republican candidates have refused to come out swinging against Rush's attacks, their campaign strategists could implore them to distance themselves from him, or else lose a significant amount of independent and female votes. And if the candidates keep Rush at an arm's length, his ratings could take a hit. What's even more, he's setting himself up for what could become a major legal mess.

Yesterday, Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) mentioned a lawsuit against Limbaugh. She said, "We will be filing a slander suit against Rush Limbaugh. What he's really trying to do is silence a young woman. It's unfair, it's un-American." Fluke herself seems on the fence about taking legal action. She told The Daily Beast:

I've certainly been told I might have a case, but it’s not something I’ve made any decisions about at this point.

If she does decide to file, Fluke's status as a private citizen makes her entitled to stronger protection against slander than someone who lives their life very much in the public eye. So, there's a strong chance she could beat him big time.

It would be fitting and fantastic to see Fluke and/or Maloney take the next step and file the lawsuit against Rush. The top Republicans may not be willing to stand up to him, but it's clear someone has to. What better way to do that then taking him down in court? Rush has always flirted with the line, but this time he's more than crossed it. It's time for him to pay.

Do you think Sandra Fluke should sue Rush Limbaugh for slander? At the very least, doesn't he owe Fluke and all women an apology?

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Flori... Floridamom96

So, who's trying to silence whom? Rush Limbaugh has made no attempt to shut her up. In fact, he gets quite a kick out of the things she's saying about herself. However, in your words, "it's time for him to pay" for thwe words he speaks. Liberals always scream that they are beings silenced when it is liberals who take every available opportunity to forcibly silence their opposition. If you want to know who liberals are just listen to them. They will tell by what they accuse conservatives of doing.

Littl... LittleManMama

He's reached an all time low. I don't care if he disagrees with her stance, to call her such vile and disgusting names crosses a line.

Allis... AllisonWD

She is handling this with far more class than I ever could. I'd already have a lawsuit against him and be demanding an apology. Not just to me, but to women everywhere. He is a disgrace.

Littl... LittleManMama

Why does he have to call her a slut and a prostitute though floridamom? That has nothing to do with the issue. What has happened to America that we can't respect differing opinions? If he wants to explain why he disagrees with her, great, but her promiscuity--or lack thereof--has nothing to do with the issue at hand. I should add I don't necessarily agree with liberals on this issue, but this woman does not need to be treated this way. It trivializes the issue.

Littl... LittleManMama

By "this issue" I mean the birth control issue.

Water... Water_geM

he such a vile disgusting human being.

Cacho... Cachorritos

The man's an idiot. Stop listening to his show(boycott) and silence him.

Todd Vrancic

I find his reported comments way off base.  Did he even listen to her testimony?  If he actually said what he is reported to have said, there is no excuse for him.  The reports of what he said are so bad that I actually have trouble wrapping my mind around them.

bills... billsfan1104

Where was the congresswoman threatning a lawsuit against Ed Schultz for slander for callign Laura Ingram a slut??  WHere is her phone call from Laura Ingram??  All I see is the trying of silencing of Limbaugh, because he made some inflammatory remarks!!  Well guess what liberals, he is not going to shut up.  The people pulling the advertising, there will be several more who will advertise. 

This woman will get nowhere with the slander suit.  Because you have to prove that it did her harm or harmed her ability to make a living and it hasnt. 

Autum... Autumnleaves87

Floridamom. Calling ANYONE a slut and a prostitute on live national radio would infuriated even the reddest of the conservatives... It's not just us liberals who should be mad. It's everyone who has a conscience. This woman stood up for what she believed in and what she thought was right. Rush is an idiot (even way before this incident) and his women bashing hateful and disgusting words should sicken everyone.

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