Almost 100 Deadly Tornadoes Leave Tragedy in Their Wake (VIDEO)

debris from deadly tornadoes
Deadly tornadoes left behind mountains of debris.
March may historically "come in like a lion," but no one could have guessed it would kick off with a string of deadly tornadoes like the ones that lashed ten states yesterday. Incredibly, there have been 95 reports of tornadoes from Friday across the central and southern U.S.  The devastation many of these storms have left behind is nothing short of extreme. As far as casualties go, we know that the entire (albeit tiny) town of Marysville, Indiana is "completely gone" and the death toll is at 35 (17 in Kentucky, 14 in Indiana, three in Ohio and one in Alabama).

As many cities and towns attempt to recover, absolutely heartwrenching stories are emerging.

Like one of a man, woman, and their 4-year-old great-grandchild in Chelsea, Indiana. The child and mother were reportedly huddled in a basement when the storm hit and pulled the child out of the woman's hands. The elderly couple's home was blown off its foundation and thrown more than 100 feet. Ugghhh, so so awful. 

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels described the destruction as "heartbreaking" and said, "We're not unfamiliar with mother nature's wrath here in Indiana, but this is about as serious as I've seen in the years I've been in this job."

Not sure how Gov. Daniels feels about climate change, but it seems like the seriousness of these storms is a major clue that we're headed for even wilder, wackier, more devastating weather. After all, here's the truth of the matter: The storm outbreak might be the USA's largest recorded in March, according to the Weather Channel's severe storm expert Greg Forbes.

But whether or not it's a sign that the Earth's beyond repair, the fact remains that storms like these are spawning tragedies galore. And that's something we certainly can't ignore.

Here's some extensive coverage from ABC News covering damage from Indiana to Alabama and Kentucky ...

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What do you make of these terrible tornadoes?


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Doomy234 Doomy234

Dont forget that there have been large rashes of tornadic storms going on since Tuesday ripping through the midwest. Starting in Kansas, and killing several people in Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois as well as the ones that you are referring to here.

hotmo... hotmomofmakayla

Six were killed in Harrisburg,IL too!!!   I live about 2 or so hrs north of there. 

Venae Venae

Yes, it's climate change - the climate is changing from cold to warm - otherwise known as winter to spring.  Two fronts collide and cause unstable air.  It's been that way since the beginning of time.


nonmember avatar Missforth

The area my family is from in Ky. was hit hard. They had no way to be prepared. We're talking about secluded counties back in the hills. It's just plain bazzar. It wasn't just one tornado but an outbreak. That just does not happen there!

Lisa Enlow

Destruction this massive is hard to wrap my mind around.  I've stood on a porch in Okla. & counted 3 twisters on the horizon so I'm not unfamiliar with tornados but this is so massive plus they didn't hop & skip, they just plowed through everything in their way.  Shocking!

nonmember avatar Desdemona

It's Obama's fault for callin that chick a slut! This is God paying us back!

nonmember avatar Brittney

My 12 and 6 year old nephews was in the school. Thank God they were ok and the bus that went into the Restaurant was their bus. They said right after the bus driver let them off it went flying into the building. Very sad day for everyone involved.

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