What You Need to Know About the New Health Care Law

Health Care LawWhether you agree or disagree with the new health care law, the fact is that it's currently in place, and already changing the face of health care as we know it.

Unfortunately, learning the facts about the new health care law can be difficult. Republicans and religious organizations have come out swinging against it, and the Supreme Court is set to hear arguments this month over whether the law is constitutional.

Before you decide what you think about the new law, you need to know what it actually does, and that's where our health care law video comes in handy.

We've got it for you after the jump, and I hope you'll give it a watch. In just five minutes, you'll learn what it does and what it's going to do over the next few years if it remains in effect ... as well as some of the arguments against it.

Then tell me in the comments what you think.

Understand that I'm not advocating for or against the law with this story -- I do believe, though, that too many people are parroting those on both sides without knowing the facts.

I'll be writing more about the law and the arguments against it in the coming days (including the latest challenge to the contraception provision), but in the meantime, if you want to learn more about the new law, here are the links I referenced in the story that will give you some good information:

  • Healthcare.gov is the government website explaining the new law. It lays out the provisions in the law, from the government's perspective, in clear, easy-to-understand terms.
  • The Kaiser Family Foundation offers a more non-biased look at healthcare reform, also in terms that anyone can understand.
  • Professor Miriam Laugesen recommends Health Care Reform, by Jonathan Gruber, which is available at Amazon for $9.83. It's actually written in comic book format and provides an informative, entertaining look at the new law.

In addition, both Professor Laugesen and Anna Benyo with the National Women's Law Center have agreed to take your questions on the new health care law. Want to know how it will affect you? Leave a question in the comments and I'll send it to them. I'll have answers to your questions in an upcoming post.

In the meantime, though, what do you think of the new law?



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sunny... sunnytxmom

Thank you for this report, Lindsay! The web links are particularly helpful. Being a mom and a nurse this is a special area of concern for me. It's time the women in this country use our voices and make sure our government knows what we want. Whether you are for or against the health care reforms-speak up ladies!

rturn... rturner79

Don't come out and say you aren't advocating for this law when it's completely obvious you are.  This is so one-sided it literally made my stomach turn.  "FREE STUFF FREE STUFF!!!  YIPPEE!!"  barf.

autod... autodidact

rturner, compensation for work performed and for premiums paid is NOT free. 

nonmember avatar cookie

Very happy with the new law, especially the part that allows children to stay on their parents health care until 26!

guita... guitarmom1

ARE you serious? We are already paying higher premiums because of this Law. Doctors are leaving the professions which means more patients, less doctors... Already my 85 year old mother cannot get the routine tests she has gotten for the last 20 years to check for a reoccuance of cancer. BEWARE people. This is all spin to get us to accept less care for more money.

SuzyB... SuzyBarno

Agree with you guitarmom! My rates have more than doubled since Obama took office. It's all bunk! November can't come soon enough.

nonmember avatar Ken

I have no health ins. i can have some for $100 a mo. plus 10,000 deductible what a deal now murders and pedophiles in prison get full coverage ins + dental. thats fair go republicans

PonyC... PonyChaser

I can't even *get* insurance, thanks to some of the new regulations. Which means that I will continue to be denied, and then I get to pay a fine for it. I'm *so* excited about that!! Yay!!

mcnar... mcnaryboys3

My family can't afford health insurance because if the higher premiums. And because my son has ADHD the insurance wouldn't even cover his behavioral issues!!!! So no I don't agree with the health care law. Why the he'll would I pay 1000 a month when it covers nothing!!!!!

Foure... FoureverYoung4

I disagree with the law as it stands and I do so as someone with firsthand experience as a mother, patient, and health care giver.  Thanks to this law we took an immediate 30 percent drop off in reimbursement.  Our partner is now gone, three employees were laid off and a few thousand patients are looking for new care.  Our remaining empoyees and ourselves will now NOT have insurance.  Whether or not we stay in business depends on whether or not this gets fixed...fast.  It does nothing to reel in the unfair activities and abuses on the part of the third party payers, and now we can no longer afford to care for the long list of uninsured and  under insured patients that we once saw.  That was indeed a bias piece, Ms. Ferrier.  Biased and dangerous.

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