Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Obama Birth Certificate Obsession Is Comically Insane (VIDEO)

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Joe ArpaioSheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona is bound and determined to make sure we never forget the embarrassment of the birther movement. Most of us would love to put that ugly little racist blip in our history -- a time when conspiracy theorists and fools alike accused President Barack Obama of not being American. But Arpaio, a sheriff in Phoenix, Arizona, just won't give it up.

Can we say beating a dead horse, people? Sometimes it seems like certain politicians just do things to help out Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, and Bill Maher. After all, how else does anyone explain Arpaio's inane and insane assertion that Obama, a man who produced his birth certificate last year, isn't American?

See his ranting below:

"Forgery or fraud may have been committed," says Arpaio. Ooooh no! Are ghosts and goblins real, too, Sheriff Arpaio? How about the Loch Ness Monster? Do you go visit old Nessie on your days off from enforcing the laws of Arizona?

In all seriousness, this is vile racism plain and simple. In a place like Arizona, it's no surprise -- after all, many politicians there (including Arpaio) hold rather Draconian views on immigration -- and it's disgusting. And it's getting old fast.

For all you doubters for whom book learning was apparently a challenge, here are the facts: President Barack Obama was born in Honolulu on August 4, 1961. He has produced both a certificate of live birth during the 2008 campaign and the long-form certificate last year. Neither has been disproved.

So why is this still going on? Arpaio seems like a joke, but, according to Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt, Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney doesn't think so. Yesterday LaBolt tweeted:

Romney has called Arpaio for his endorsement, his aides called "weekly" and Arpaio was his honorary Chair in 08.

That's embarrassing. The fact is, most people agree Arpaio is a few cards shy of a full deck, but here we are still talking about him. Is this an alternate universe? Why am I guessing this guy is the type of person who stays at parties hours after they have ended asking for more chips and guacamole? Dude, the party is over, the ship has sailed, and you are beating a dead horse.

Sadly, there aren't enough cliched ways to say IT'S OVER to make it any clearer to this guy.

What do you think of Arpaio's claims?


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nonmember avatar Professor

Could you perhaps go into a little (or any) detail regarding Arpaio's specific claims? And why they are insane?

Loref... Lorefield

When will these people give up?

The State Department (Then under G.W.) VETTED Obama. How are people going to say he isn't a citizen?

nonmember avatar gary

Obviously Sasha you took your cue from Brian Williams who said the same about Obama's citizenship. Which of course is why I quit watching him years ago.

Don't however let the facts of Joe's report clash with your predetermined opinion.

You are a good sheep bleating for the cause.

Will Ford

This Show SHE has drank from the KOOL-AID spout WAY to much.

Procr... Procrastamom

I think it's all a big sideshow to detract from the real issues he's facing.

"America's self-proclaimed toughest sheriff finds himself entangled these days in his own thorny legal troubles: a federal grand jury probe over alleged abuse of power, Justice Department accusations of racial profiling and revelations that his department didn't adequately investigate hundreds of Arizona sex-crime cases." ( )

Look over there!  Look over there!  Fear and lies over there!

It's a disgrace that people STILL actually believe this.

nonmember avatar Curious

You wrote"[h]e has produced both a certificate of live birth during the 2008 campaign." That's not true. The document produced during the campaign was a certification of live birth, not a certificate.

'Same difference,' you say. Umm. No. A certificate of live birth *is* the long form, under Hawaii law. Detail, details. You weren't paying attention to details when you wrote this, likely because you haven't really been paying attention to details all along, have you?

You didn't address any of the alleged issues raised by experts yesterday. You simply demonstrated that you're not only an expert, you haven't been playing along at home.

Surely there's an explanation for the layering, the combining of bitmapped and anti-aliased text, the moveable seal, and other factors - other than the certificate being a computer-generated forgery. What are they?

And there must be an explanation for only a two-digit, upside-down date-of-year stamp on the selective service application, other than someone cutting the '08' off a 2008 stamp passing it off as the last two digits of a 1980 stamp, without the 19. I'm ready to hear it.

And I'd like to hear more about whether it's true that one week of immigration records are missing from the National Archives - and it's the week of Obama's birth. That's wacky.

But first, do you think you can learn the basics, like the difference between a certificate of birth and a certification of birth?

nonmember avatar Marsha_Queens


You state may be a sideshow to detract from Arpaio's real issues. Perhaps he's clairvoyant. Those federal accusations and probe against Arpaio were made and started after he announced he was investigating the birth certificate.

If people do things for political reasons, as you assert, could it be that the Justice Department's actions are 'all a big sideshow' to detract from Arpaio's birth certificate investigation?

Procr... Procrastamom

@Curious & Marsha_Queens - you're right.  The entire state of Hawaii, the department of statistics, all of the doctors and nurses that were there for President Obama's birth and his entire family are complicit in this coverup!  That's a much better explanation than a few racists (Arpaio, Trump, The Teabaggers) trying to coverup their own misdeeds with a distraction.  Funny that is NEVER, EVER, EVER questioned as to where the other 43 Presidents were born.  Nobody wants to vet their birth certificates, see their grades from law school and basically fingerprint the very hospital room they were born in.  It can't possibly be because they are white, can it?

nonmember avatar Marsha_Queens

"The entire state of Hawaii, the department of statistics, all of the doctors and nurses that were there for President Obama's birth and his entire family are complicit in this coverup!" You make me giggle. What members of Obama's family, or nurses, or doctors, are you talking about? The entire state of Hawaii? Gosh. You made that up. The Michigan Law Review published an article by Gabriel J. Chin about John McCain's birthplace in the Panama Canal Zone arguing it disqualified him from being president - and McCain wasn't even President at the time. John McCain was allegedly white when the article was published. Back in March 2008, a Federal District Court in Riverside, California, was hearing arguments to have McCain removed from the ballot because he wasn't a naturally born citizen. I think McCain was white in California. And Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill (Democrat), introduce a bill favorably addressing McCain's birthplace, right? And I think McCain was white when Congress was questioning where he was born. Is it a case where you didn't know this stuff and you're arguing out of ignorance, or where you did know this stuff and you're just trying to be misleading?

nonmember avatar Marsha_Queens

@Procrastamom. Wow. Nobody wanted to see the other Presidents' grades from law school? Google "George W Bush Grades". You can not only find his grades, but his SAT scores (566/640, Verbal/Math). Did you know he scored only a 73 in his course, PS14a? He took PS48 Pass/Fail and passed it. Did the media research all of this about Bush but not about Obama because Bush is a Republican or because Bush is white?

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