High School Teacher Quits to Move in With Student Lover (VIDEO)

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James Hooker Jordan PowersIn "just because something is legal doesn't make it the right thing to do" news, a California teenager has left school and home to move in with her 41-year-old former teacher. Grossed out yet? Me too.

The fact that Jordan Powers is 18 and James Hooker is so far saying they waited to make sexytimes until after she'd become a legal adult and he'd quit his job as her business teacher doesn't exactly make me want to send the happy couple a dozen roses. I think some sort of handbook on what it means to be an adult is in order. Maybe those "For Dummies" people can lend a hand?

I'm going to leave the legal issues up to the police here -- who are investigating, by the way, in no small part because Jordan's mom unearthed 8,000 text messages, late-night phone calls, and email exchanges that took place when she was still a minor. I'm not even going to challenge how a 41-year-old married father (yeah, I know) could fall in love with a teenage student. The heart wants what the heart wants.

I want to talk about responsibility here, and Hooker's apparent lack thereof. An adult would have gotten a handle on his emotions and, very simply, waited. Told his heart to STFU while he waited for Jordan to graduate from high school before showing her even the smallest hint of his affections.

By doing that, he could have avoided all of this. He wouldn't be a one-time educator shacking up with a girl who has dropped out of school -- something that would make the toes curl on any teacher I know. He wouldn't be facing a police investigation. And he wouldn't have to spend the rest of his life asking himself, "Hey, did I use my undue influence of my position of authority to make her fall for me?"

James Hooker and Jordan Powers are proof positive that it takes more than a number to make someone an "adult." And it takes more than legality to make something right.

Watch the "couple" together and tell us: whose side are you on here?


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LexRamp LexRamp

Something similar happened at my high school. Except he was a prominent coach with a family..totally disgusting.

memek... memekisses

His last nane is hooker. Haha!

Charity Morton

Happened at my high school with one of the most popular teachers and one of his drama students...pretty sad.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

I remember a teacher eventually marryinga student from my school...Creepy!!!!

Jess Io Townsend

my high school too. the vice principal. he had an affair with an 18 year old senior, got her pregnant and married her. He kept his job. still don't know how.

Erica Barker

Sounds like my ex husband.

Nanni... NanniesKitchen

Who gives a crap. My husband is 26 years older than I. The "student/teacher" relationship has an ew factor attatched to it, but she's already 18.. it's in the past.. 

Joan Neville Buffa

I really feel sorry for her parents and I do hope that something can be done to this perv for all the texting and such before she was of legal age.  Come on, he didn't get close to her on her 18th birthday and say he was leaving his wife and kids, this happened waaaay before she was 18.  I hope his wife sees this perv for exactly that and know that she is so much better off without him and takes him for everything he has to support her and her children.  what a rat.

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